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Bungie.org Community Portal

Harry's portal page at http://oni.bungie.org is the best place for someone new to the community to start.

It covers the most active fan-maintained sites as well as the official sites for the companies connected to Oni.

Most of the other links on this page are defunct and are only here for archival purposes. If it's history you're interested in, you can also read History of the Oni community.


An essential part of the Oni community, this is a domain hosted by Alloc, which offers free space for any Oni-related pages/media.

The two most significant uses of the domain are this very wiki, and the Mod Depot.

An index of all the browseable subdomains is on the main page, http://www.oni2.net.

A map that shows the general geographic dispersal of the fandom is found HERE (down).

The non-indexed sites are here:

Other fan sites and forums

Foreign language sites

Larger sites

Personal sites

Program links

Links to older programs that are not on the Depot:

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