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The Binary Improvement Project

The main objective of the Binary Improvement Project (BIP) will be to make extremely scripter-friendly versions of all the *.dat and *.raw files. We will fix up mistakes left by the original coders, add a "hurt" and a "death" trigger for each character, and improve the binaries altogether. Making it much easier to script for beginners and experts alike.

If you have a Hex Editor, an iron will, and want to help out, feel free to contribute your edited *.dat and *.raw files!

Project Points

Global improvements (level 0)

  • Unlocked combat moves for Konoko and female civilians
  • Two new weapons : WMC Lite (a WMC you can run with and that everybody can collect and reload) and F3 - Framerate Friendly Fireworks
  • Cool-looking particles for special moves of basic character classes : Konoko, Comguys, Strikers.
  • run=dash, so AI automatically dash instead of running (for everyone but Elites, Ninjas, Tankers and Thugs)

The last point (dashing AI) has a few issues in its current state, so I propose we switch to Alloc's Trainer for a change.

Level-specific improvements

  • Systematic names for AI and related events (hurt, death, dying, reload, etc), for more powerful scripting
  • Improved AI (using complex AI melee patterns rather than basic ones)
  • Wider range of spawnable characters (more random skins, harder enemy types, more enemy types where available)
  • New enemy type (Comguy with Ninja skills) in levels 1, 12 and 19
  • AI-endowed Konoko for all levels (Players will now use "ai_0" as their player character)
  • More


The ones currently available are the first generation. They only contain functions for death and hurt. (And some other things which you must find out on your own :p)

Level Download File
level0_Final Available HERE*
level1_Final Versions available HERE and HERE
level2_Final Coming Soon
level3_Final Coming Soon
level4_Final Coming Soon
level6_Final Coming Soon
level8_Final Coming Soon
level9_Final Coming Soon
level10_Final Coming Soon
level11_Final Coming Soon
level12_Final Coming Soon
level13_Final Coming Soon
level14_Final Coming Soon
level18_Final Coming Soon
level19_Final Available HERE!

*Technically, level0_Final is not part of the project. It improves the overall game rather than a specific level, but it is awesome nonetheless. It allows AI to dash when unarmed and has improved particles.