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I tried to summarize four different reasons for the new article name in my move summary, and probably did a bad job of conveying what I was thinking on at least at two of them. For anyone who cares, the reasons were:

  1. Because "Modifying [blanks]" is a lot clearer way to phrase something than "Mod[blank]", obviously.
  2. Also, we are now (since the article was made) favoring the use of descriptive words over four-ccs in tutorial names. "But what if we modders are thinking in terms of four-ccs?" That angle will be covered quite well once I do some more work on the wiki, trust me on this. Please trust me.
  3. I chose "modifying" instead of "importing" because I want the article to focus just a bit more on how to handle textures in the graphics app, particularly the ones with transparency. Just a sentence or two for each common graphics app (GIMP, PS...) on how to preserve the information properly. So, the article should be about both editing and importing, due to the special options for TXMPs that make them harder to import than most file types. The exporting directions can be removed, it's just duplicate information that's found on the OniSplit page, and duped information can only result in confusion and more work as things change.
  4. By saying "textures" and not "TXMP"s, we allow the possibility of addressing other texture-related types that might be helpful (I'm thinking TXMB, personally).

I probably didn't need to write all this out, but it's kind of a policy thing that goes beyond this article, as you can see, and in the past there's already been plenty of arguing over this subject; I thought I might avoid controversy this time by making the rationale clear. Or, quite possibly, nobody cares and this is a waste of text. --Iritscen 19:12, 22 December 2008 (CET)