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The entity is twofold :

  1. AVATARA is the alias of a character suggested for an epilogue to Oni
  2. AVATARA is the name of a VIP network that individual used to have access to

The network can be seen as an extrapolation of the Bloomberg terminal.

The artwork on the right could have been a splashscreen on such a terminal.

The guy may have been the CEO of BGI until the Cataclysm, and thus can be considered as a forerunner of META (hence the ME and TA katakana in the splashscreen/logo)

Name origin

From Wikipedia
The Sanskrit word avatāra- literally means "descent" and usually implies a deliberate descent into lower realms of existence for special purposes.
Sur le fil du rasoir
means "on the razor's edge" in French. Taken at brainstorm-time from the above article:
"The search for knowledge is never easy. As the Upanishads say, it is like walking on the razor's edge."
Also echoes Blade Runner a bit.


The people having access to AVATARA may be influent executives from the WCG side.

They may also occupy more ambiguous positions and still benefit from it. See HERE for now.


See HERE for now.


Here's the kind of car I'd drive if I was a European AVATARA dude: Peugeot 907.

A review says: "120mph travelling backwards..."

Here's the kind of "bike" I'd have some of my bodyguards drive if I was a European AVATARA dude: Peugeot Quark

(erm, yeah, try imagining it blacker, badder, with SMG-toting passengers...)

Oh well... it's more stable/futuristic than a bike, and less flashy/ugly/unpractical than the Dodge Tomahawk.

More cars (for completeness), streamlined ones:

A recent concept: Holden EFIJY
One not so recent: Delage Pourtout Aero
A short-lived one: V12 Labourdette Vutotal
Morgan LIFECar

And a not-so-streamlined one...

The sexiest box on wheels ever: DMC-12 (sorta retained for AE)