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Task Description
Support the Oni demo If the AEI can install mods into the demo's 2 or 3 level set, it would be nice advertising. The demo data can even be automatically installed through the AEI.
Turn previously-core mods into optional mods Packages can be marked as "Standard fixes" so user is more inclined to install them.
Consider salvaging the animation mods that were bundled with AE 2010 as optional packages
  • Upgraded ONCCs - Make into patch mod if this is still valuable.
  • Andrashi TRAMs - Loser seems to want them to be forgotten; there are numerous issues reported for them, such as here and here. See discussion of his and love_Oni's changes here.
Raise femcop health in Upgraded ONCCs We have multiple reports that Karen et al. have way too low health in this pkg
Fix damage for TCTF back throw Damage frame is outside the actual animation!
Fix numerous issues with OTA mod packages Issues are listed HERE.
Review HQ movie packages for Mac/Win Why are the movies 512x384 when the PS2 masters were 640x480?
Upgrade HD Screens with larger screens Modern resolutions make the 1024x768 screens look tiny.
Add support for BSL patches A BSL patch would include context like the function name, surrounding lines, and a number meaning "nth occurrence of text". This would allow us to actually modify the same BSL file with more than one mod.
Straighten out melee profiles Custom characters' profiles and the Brutal AI profiles are all over the place. See this thread.