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Unit Viewer was a work-in-progress application which Bungie West was developing, ostensibly for promotional purposes; the final product would have been like an interactive advertisement for Oni and could have been distributed on CD-ROMs. The application would run on the Oni engine and directly read the game data in order to present the 3D model for each of the game's characters/classes along with information about them. One mock-up indicates that you would have been able to play animations for them too. However the application was never finished. The images in this category are all mock-up images produced with Photoshop and Illustrator. The files have been renamed for clarity.

The first mock-up, with its original files titled "ONI viewer" or "ONI unit viewer 1", is dated in July 1999. The second is dated in August 1999 and found in files called "ONI viewer 2", and the third prototype is called "Unit Viewer 3" and dates to February 2000. There is additional work on an animated UI dating to March 2000, represented in the GIFs below. It's unclear if the UI animations seen in the GIFs were going to be executed in-engine somehow or if that was for a different out-of-game concept for the Unit Viewer.

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