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There have been many issues reported on Oni Central Forum about mouse lag or unresponsive controls. This issue is most common to (or only occurs to?) Vista users. It also occured to me (rossy) but appears to have gone away with the latest drivers/updates to my system.

Complete (?) list of Help and Troubleshooting Topics in chronological order

Known facts (symptoms) of the issue

  • (Probably/usually) exclusive to Windows Vista.
  • (Probably/usually) exclusive to multi-core CPUs.
  • Fraps reports the game's framerate to be much higher than 60fps. (I'm unsure whether the same data is returned by Oni's internal framerate counter, Ctrl+Shift+Y)
  • Higher graphics settings can cause the problem to become less noticable as the framerate gets closer to or below 60. (Try 8x antialiasing in the nVidia Control Panel)
  • This suggests that the problem is somehow related to framerate and internal timing issues in Oni.
  • Quote from Gumby "If the game runs much faster than 60 clicks, the mouse input data isn't updated fast enough."
  • The mouse moves in steps, as if it's on a "grid".
  • Combos are hard to pull off as keys are only responsive some of the time, it is also almost impossible to dash.
  • This thing is interesting .

Possible fixes

There are no known fixes, these fixes have been reported to work by some people but have been ineffective for others. In some cases, a combination of some of these fixes might be necessary.

  • Force V-sync in the Catalyst\NVIDIA Control Panel (confirmed fix)
  • Update your graphics drivers, do not use Windows Update, instead go to your card's website and download drivers direct from there. (
  • Run Windows Update. Ensure you are on the latest Service Pack for your operating system. Windows Vista's latest version is Vista Service Pack 2, XP's latest service pack is SP3. Note: Windows XP SP3 is not "evil" because it contains parts of Vista, please don't continue using XP SP2 because of rumors you have heard on the internet, SP3 contains many important fixes and could solve issues that you have with Oni.
  • If you have a multi-core system (Pentium Dual Core, Core 2 Duo, Quad, etc.) there are patched EXE's that force Oni to only run on a single core. Here: and here: .
  • Install either this: or this: Daodan DLL, both have a "performance patch" that could fix timing errors caused by faulty chipsets. This fix has been reported to work by some people.
  • Run in windowed mode or "-noswitch" mode, if you already use windowed mode run in fullscreen.