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This is not a game, it is a technical demo at best.

It aims to end the longstanding discussion whether Oni can be recreated within another engine.

We will document the progress and learned knowledge in hope that it will be useful one day for another project.

Upgrading the project to a newer engine version is theoretically always possible but downgrades are not.

So for now we work with version 4.17

More information can be found HERE, I plan to move or recycle some sections from there. --paradox-01 (talk) 18:48, 16 March 2018 (CET)

Content and features - overview

Examples we are working on...

  • 3RAP
    • weapon particle
  • AI
    • Behavior system (combined logic)
    • Hearing system
    • Visual system
  • AKEV - Static level geometry
  • Controls
  • IPge - Item Pages
  • M3GM - Static objects
  • ONCC - Oni Character Classes
  • ONLD - Oni Game Level Descriptors
  • OPge - Objective Pages
  • ONWC - Oni Weapon Class
  • PWRU - Powerups
  • SNDD - Sounds
  • TRAC - Animation Collection
  • TRAM - Animations
  • TXMB - Splash screens (Intro, OutroWin, OutroLose)
  • TXMP - Textures
  • UI - Health bar, main menu, pause menu, dev features (show AI health and team)
  • WPge - Weapon Pages

Content and features - details

Obviously there is a mix of ported content (placeholders) and recreated content at the moment.

We aim to replace ported content by other assets we actually own or continue to create.




  • AIs can see other characters and read their team value and detect whether it is the player or not.
  • Probably all AIs will be able to alarm their comrades or call for help based on the information whether the player has a weapon.
  • Long-term goal is to support team battles, too.


Current PlayerController supports

  • Mouse and Keyboard input
    • base movements (WSAD, crouch, jump, swimming)
    • camera controls (First Person View, Third Person View)
    • climbing system
    • pickup system
    • screenshots
    • slowmotion



  • Boxes
  • Crates
  • Barrels (destroyable)



  • Konoko
  • Striker
  • Thug
  • Guard dog (mechanical drone)

Character logic component

  • Makes references to character components
  • Loads character-specific values for properties (health, team, etc.)
  • Processes received damage


There's now a "levels data table" for level numbers, names, splash screens and intro/outro music.


  • w3_phr


  • Hypospray
  • Red ammo clip
  • Green energy cell
  • Shield
  • Invisibility
  • LSI (datapad)


  • Importing new sounds has become relatively easy with UE4. Import them as 16-bit PCM wave files.




  • Importing new textures has become easy with UE4. There's no more need to split big images into smaller one.


  • Importing new textures has become easy with UE4.



  • The color-changing, circle-shaped health bar is able to add health from a health potential (hypo powerups) and subtract health based by incoming damage.

Main menu

  • Provides option to choose screen size
  • Start new game / quit

Pause menu

  • Provides functionality to click through different types of pages (objectives, items, weapons)

Dev features

  • Widget to show AI health and team


Links to valuable learning resources

Unreal Object Classes

  • make your life easier by knowing pitfalls of certain objects

Visual scripting

  • nodes overview with helpful explanations

Advanced Locomotion System

  • notes about importing new characters