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OniX icon.png
Developer: Team Chrysalis
Version: 1.0.0
released 2021.12.19
Supports: Windows 98–Windows 11
(Mac support coming later)
Bug reporting:
#general channel on Discord

OniX is a fan-made rebuild of the Oni game application, yielding new possibilities for Oni in terms of modding, new engine features and maintenance. The initial v1.0 release is intended to replicate "vanilla" Oni as closely as possible while fixing compatibility issues with modern systems and upgrading to a new game data versioning system that will make future improvements easier to roll out.

Therefore OniX does not (yet) support the Anniversary Edition modding system or implement any features/fixes of the Daodan DLL. Oni localizations with text in non-US scripts (European, Asian, Cyrillic) will not display correctly, and AE mods with large textures (above 256x256 px) or 32-bit transparency will not work! The features of the Daodan DLL, including full support of AE mods, will be brought to OniX in v1.1 or v1.2.


  • The OniX application requires a retail copy of Oni (Mac or Windows version) or the Windows demo.
  • A retail Windows/Mac Oni installation needs to have its game data converted before using OniX for the first time (instructions for this are in the download). In the case of the Windows demo, OniX will run without any data conversion.


Mod Depot page: OniX (Windows)