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This text is copied verbatim from Oni.
Please do not edit this text.


bind w to forward
bind a to stepleft
bind s to backward
bind d to stepright
bind q to swap
bind e to drop
bind f to punch
bind c to kick

bind space to jump
bind mousebutton1 to fire1
bind mousebutton2 to fire2
bind mousebutton3 to fire3
bind mousexaxis to aim_LR
bind mouseyaxis to aim_UD
bind fkey1 to pausescreen
bind v to lookmode

bind leftshift to crouch
bind rightshift to crouch

bind capslock to walk
bind leftcontrol to action

bind rightcontrol to action
bind tab to hypo
bind r to reload
bind backslash to profile_toggle
bind fkey13 to screenshot

bind p to forward
bind l to stepleft
bind apostrophe to stepright
bind semicolon to backward
bind o to swap
bind leftbracket to drop
bind k to punch
bind comma to kick
bind enter to walk