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TSFF : Font Family
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Tsff a.gif

Offset Type Raw Hex Value Description
0x00 res_id 01 02 00 00 2 00002-Tahoma.TSFF
0x04 lev_id 01 00 00 00 0 level 0
0x08 char[16] AD DE dead unused
0x18 link 01 01 00 00 1 link to 00001-Roman.TSFL; contains a list of line-breaking characters
0x1C int32 0F 00 00 00 15 array size
First element (black outline)
0x00 link 01 03 00 00 3 link to 00003-.TSFT

Vanilla Oni game data typically has only one TSFF file, TSFFTahoma, with the following 15 font variants:

  • 7pt bold, 7pt regular, 7pt italic
  • 14pt bold, 14pt regular, 14pt italic
  • 10pt bold, 10pt regular, 10pt italic
  • 12pt bold, 12pt regular, 12pt italic
  • 9pt bold, 9pt regular, 9pt italic

The most recurrent fonts used by Vanilla Oni are:

  • 10pt bold - primary font: buttons and dialogs, help/diary, text consoles...
  • 12pt bold - larger font: combat move pages, headers in text consoles
  • 7pt regular - subtitles, console input, debug messages
  • 12pt regular - ingame prompts (objectives, interactive elements, etc)

Italic variants, at least in the case of TSFFTahoma, are completely unusable because the right side of each glyph is cut off and there is no provision for overlapping glyphs.

To learn about the exact encoding that Oni uses for fonts in various localizations, see OBD:Text encoding.

TRTA << Other file types >> TSFL
TSFF : Font Family
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