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reorganization in progress (e.g. "Jamie" and "Where went all the details?" are misplaced here)

Where went all the details?

Lost things:

  • animated faces
  • blood
  • the Iron Demon (mech)
  • multi-player
  • a minor character (see LoseGame picture)

Changed things:

  • SLD tankers were actually human wrestler
  • Konoko was a cyborg and not a Daodan-Chrysalis host

Answers about:

The data files shows you that even levels got deleted (5, 7, 15, 16 and 17). ssg discovered a old mac version that explained some stuff. He also made this level overview.


Okay, why do we see here some of Lorraine's creations?

I think "Janice" and Faerie are a possible inspiration for Jamie's character. And maybe Lorraine was allowed to give her the name. Remember: J is graceful and feminine. =P

She likes word plays, heh? You can find these on her page:

Welcome to The Rookery

rookery: a colony of gregarious birds or animals... In the case here, instead of animals, it's pictures... =P

The page's header shows a flying vehicle out of the anime "Nausicaä of the Valley of the winds". Its (file) name is "mehve(2.JPG)" and came from the German word "Möve". And Lorraine's homepage name is "mehve's aerie" so you can translate it as "seagull aerie". Now remember "rookery". =)

I don't think I've drawn
a fairy quite like this girl...

Inspiration for the wings came
from Yoshitaka Amano. The
girl was drawn first... but since
she looked as if she was flying,
I added on the wings... and voila!

I just *had* to color the pic.
Of course, using Photoshop.

Seriously, one of these days, I'll
put up a picture here that's NOT
colored in Photoshop... one of
these days... ;)

Jamie faerie.png

This is also one of the characters I've created. Although I plan on changing her name, she's been named Janice for about 10 years and I don't know if I'll ever change it. The picture was done in pencil as you can tell. I am still reluctant to put my orig characters up here (they're uninteresting to passersby, I think) but I just really liked her pose. Unlike Lyra, her youngest sister, J is graceful and feminine. =P