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- You should spawn in the lower garage area connected to the TCTF Headquarters. Proceed straight towards the upper left corner of the room. Two Kevlar guards should spawn out of the nearby doorway. Engage them both, ensuring to disarm the submachine gun. Focus on using grapple moves when surrounded by pairs of enemies. Move in the upper left door, and repeat the same strategy. Try using the spinning cyclone kick if you cannot get in close enough to perform some excellent grapple techniques. In the next room, take down the lone Nuclear guard, then grab the Mercury Bow off of the dead TCTF agent. In the next room, fire one round at the guard standing on the metal crate. Move into the room to your left, and watch for a Static & Kevlar Guard to engage you. If possible, hold on to this Mercury Bow as the weapon is rare. Look for ammo clips, and always pick it up after the battles simmer down. Check the far end room along the right door. Save the woman scientist from the two thugs. Check the left door for a lone Static Guard. Take him down, then use the console to unlock the previously locked door. Head back out, and check the other end of this long room for the unlocked door. Go in.

  *A brief cutscene shows the Syndicate engaging your allies. They have
   managed to cut down the TCTF's security defenses. Here comes their full

- Start rushing up the stairs. Enter through the first unlocked door you see. Cross the brief hallway, and cut a left across the ceiling pathway. You'll run into some Heavy Guards. These guys are basically equipped with increased metal armor, or even if force fields to protect from ranged damage. They have a dangerous slam attack and cannonball roll. The best way to avoid these attacks is to roll sideways whenever you hear their indicative phrases. Grapples work very well on these opponents as they tend to block quite extensively. Do this to knock them down, and try to save the TCTF agent if possible. The second floor mainly has weapons, ammo, and hypo sprays to be gained off of the agents. Head up to the third floor via the stairwell. You'll run into an engagement of three guys near the main hall. Expend some rounds from your Mercury Bow to increase your odds of victory, then combat down the remaining souls. Check the upper left single-door room for a console panel. Use it to unlock the door on the fourth and final floor. Head up there now and move through the door.

- You'll find a few remaining enemies around, mainly in side adjunct rooms. One interesting item of note is that you'll find a woman who looks similar to Konoko. Combat her using similar techniques, but try doing an aerial grab move to bring her down for the count. Check the upper right room for a lone console panel. Read it, and you'll learn that Barabas was quite an elite operative. Exit this room, but check the door opposite of it for a new stairwell. Head on up.

  *Shinatama gets grabbed by Barabas. You have to save your previous AI!*

- Head through the door, and you'll now be fairly close to the heart of the TCTF Headquarters. There's going to be an initial gunfight between your agents and the Syndicate. Rush up the side stairwells until you can safely engage the two Syndicate gunners. Use martial arts to bring them down since they have heavy armor and/or force fields. Pick up all dropped ammo, health, and powerups. Now, you'll have to sprint jump between the missing gaps on the stairwells. Remember to hold down the space bar to reach the peak of your jump. Do this about two more times till you reach the highest floor possible. Try shooting down a few of the topside guards with your Mercury Bow. Head into the upper right room on this top floor, and talk to the Civilian Welder. He'll give you his welder torch. Exit the room, and go down the pathway. You'll find the elevator on the same floor against the wall. Jump onto it.

  *Oni will weld the cable on the elevator. The natural reaction of the pulley
   brings her to the top floor of the complex.*

- You'll now be in a red-alert zone. Charge forward and take out the high- priority Konoko look-a-like with a force field. Ensure to engage the Kevlar Guard. Try to hype yourself up with full health and/or a force field, as a Mercury Bow sniper will be above you on the top floor. This gun does extreme damage. Go near the wedge sticking out by the control console, and look on the other side of it for a console panel. Use it to unlock a door in the upper right corner. Move there, then head up. You'll have to deal with a Heavy Armor and default guard before doing so. On the top floor, watch out for two armed guards in the right corner. Make use of a swirl kick and a few grapples to deal with them quickly. Jump kick charge the Mercury Bow sniper on this center platform, and take out the remaining troops with your own Mercury Bow. Crossover to the other side via the central pathway. You'll find a stairwell to the third section in the upper right room. When you reach the top, check the right corner of the room for a Phase Cloak. This basically makes you invisible.

- Cross over to the upper right room and ignore both guards if you wish. Move up the stairs yet again. Your phase cloak should be wearing off by now. Take out the armed Kevlar Guard up top, then proceed through the door. You'll have roughly three guards to take care of to your left. Pull out the Mercury Bow and focus on taking out the armed guard and heavy one. Conserve some ammo, and take the rest out with your body. Run over to the glass wall and move through the slide door. Cut the right corner.

  *Barabas is seen with Shinatama inside a transport helicopter. They cart off
   and Konoko believes she has failed. She turns around to find out that
   Barabas is standing right next to her. It's time to take out a corrosive

- The second time with Barabas is only slightly different in that he is equipped with an Earthquake attack. Basically, you'll see him jump in the air like a pogo stick. When he slams down, a radiating pool of damage can hurt you. The best way to avoid this is to jump or somersault out of the radius while it protrudes outward. Dealing with Barabas is a joke. Use jump kicks, crouch sweeps, and crouched roundhouse kicks to down him. Jump kick the gun out of his hand, then use these basic assaults to deal damage to him. The Mercury Bow or his own weapon don't really do significant damage because Barabas has a permanent force field on his exoskeleton. Repeat these attacks for the most part, and ensure to avoid his earthquake attack. Other than that, he'll die after a few minutes of punishment.