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/Chapter 13 - Phoenix Rising/


      Module: TCTF Headquarters
  Difficulty: *****
  Objectives: + Hunt down Griffin
              + Disable the TCTF HQ Defenses
              + Unlock the Omega Vault
              + Destroy Shinatama
              + Kill Griffin or walk away
  *We're presented with Griffin talking to one of his top scientists. They
   have not received a signal over the past two days, and believe Konoko is
   dead. Griffin tends to differ. Just as the scientist leaves, Konoko crashes
   into Griffin's office. Before she can get answers, he triggers his desk to
   drop off to the ground floor.*

- Exit Griffin's room and cut a right. You should see some lasers down the hall. Go into the small security room and dispose of the (2) TCTF agents. Interact the console to disable the security systems. Head to the center of the previous room, and take care of the (2) TCTF Guards that rush out of the small monitoring room. Now, go into the room where they just came from. Use the console to unlock one door on this floor. Head to the room opposite of this one. Talk to the scientist. Apparently, Griffin did something to "somebody" to use against you. Activate this console as well. Look on this floor for a door with a yellow semi-circle and two bars. Enter it. Talk to the scientist. Everyone at the TCTF thinks you betrayed Griffin. You'll snatch the items off of him. Now, look for a red symbol door on this floor, and go through it. You'll find two armed guards to take down. Avoid shooting the welder as he'll give you a hypo if he lives. Head down the stairs near the rear wall. Be careful not to trip the wires, otherwise you'll signal an infinite ammo turret to start firing. Engage the armed guards near this room, then exit, and head across the transplatform.

- Go down the set of stairs in the diagonal room, and avoid the lasers by hopping in the middle as they split. Take out the armed guard, and again, cross over. Do this two more times till you get to the bottom level. Head through the door on the base floor for another gray set of stairs. Go down. When you reach the next room, some lasers will scroll around the hall. Avoid them, and head into the first door to your left. Take care of the (2) TCTF agents first and foremost. Talk to the female scientist afterwards. She will disable the first substation after a brief discussion. Head back out, and go down one floor. Continue down the floors, but check each room for enemies, powerups, or civilians with items. You'll eventually find the second console to deactivate substation #2. Keep going down, and search for the third control panel. It should be past several lasers. Deactivate it.

Note On the first or second floor there is a person who drops a phase cloak And a force feild if you kill him.

- With all systems down, proceed to the very bottom floor, and go through the green door. Continue down the stairs till you run into (3) Black Ops. Use any available weapons to down the threats, then use sliding and aerial grapping moves. Go into the door next to this one and take out the security officer. Grab his gun. Go down the hall, cut a right, and activate the blue console. Now, go through the door and move down one flight of stairs. This next floor will be infested with TCTF troops. Your primary concern should be with downing the heavily armed troopers, preferably using your own weapon. Make your way to the upper left room, and activate the console to unlock one of three keys. Go back to the stairwell, and proceed down another flight. The floor will have the same gameplan. Clear out the initial grouping of enemies, and check the upper left room for unlock #2. Head down another flight of stairs. You will only find (2) TCTF agents in the last upper left room on this third floor down. Once it has been activated, the third unlock should permit access. Backtrack to the stairwell. Watch for a quick ambush of (2) TCTF Guards. Head into the red nuclear sign door and continue down.

  *Griffin says that he was prepared for your arrival all this time. Because
   of this, he has rewired Shinatama as an Evil Brain. That sick son of a

- If you remember the Evil Brain from the earlier stages, it basically works the same way. Start off by rushing to the right console as soon as the three horizontal lasers move away from you. Watch for the vertical catching beam as well. Once this console is activated, stay here. You'll have to jump to each of the remaining platforms by getting closer to the core central (the space between the exterior edges is too far to jump). Long jump ensuring to avoid the lasers, and activate the console. Do this for all remaining stations to defeat Level 1 Security Mode. Level 2 Security Mode involves the same idea, except the three horizontal lasers move faster. There are also a few vertical lasers tossed in that overlap where you'd normally press the buttons. You have to time your interaction with the consoles after the vertical laser appears off of the console. Do this again to defeat Level 2. Level 3 basically have vertical beams with small spaces at the edge of each quarter platform. Five to six low rotating beams hover near the ground level. If you find the lasers too tough to pass, there's an alternate strategy. I had maxed hypo sprays since there were tons of powerups previously. Simply sprint through and start injecting hypos as soon as you take damage. Activate each console as the turrets and Scream Cannons fire. You can activate all four before dying, and you should be able to retain most of your health by using all six hypos.

  *With all three security modes disabled, Shinatama malfunctions. She now
   goes after Griffin. Griffin gives her one shot to the head, putting her
   down for the count. Oni ends up disarming Griffin and holds the gun to his
   head. The choice is up to you. Kill Griffin, or let him live.*

- The best choice is to let him live. You'd wonder why you came all this way just to meet Griffin. Most people would kill him, but this makes the game tougher later on (you have to face a tougher boss). The developers also gave you a hint (press F1, and they say that mercy gives the best strength). Simply walk away.

  *Konoko scorches Griffin for being a coward. She claims that she never
   became the monster he thought she would be.*