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This page lists the Bungie staff who worked on Oni. For the full credits from all related companies, see Quotes/Credits. To see a list of companies that hold/held rights to Oni, see Rights.

This information is the same as the staff credits transcribed from the game's PC outro movie on Quotes/Credits, but alphabetized and consolidated by name. Italicized text in parentheses is additional commentary from us.

An interview was conducted during Oni's development with a number of key staff, and the full text is found here. The specific page for each person, if they were interviewed, is also listed beside their name below. You can find more interviews with some of the Bungie West staff on the Reviews page.

Design credits

Steve Abeyta (interview at Oni Central)
Character animation, Art Lead
AIC CO., Ltd.
Anime cutscenes
Kevin Armstrong (interview at Oni Central)
Programmer (networking, UI, sound)
Tom Blakemore
Additional sound design
Chris Butcher
Programmer (rewrote AI based on Quinn Dunki's routines, creating the ai2_ calls; also, particles)
Hamilton Chu
Producer (Story)
Quinn Dunki
Programmer (wrote original AI code, left before Oni's completion)
Dave Dunn (interview at Oni Central)
Architect (Level and lighting design), Story
Michael Evans (interview at Oni Central)
Animation programmer, Project Lead, Engineering (Programming) Lead
Alex Gray
Bryen Hensley
Additional sound design
Chris Hughes (interview at Oni Central)
Character modeling and texturing, Object modeling and texturing, Level modeling, Additional concept art
Ryan Hylland
Testing Lead
Hardy LeBel (interview at Oni Central) (interview with InsideMacGames)
Design Lead, Story
Chris Lee
Level texturing, Lighting design
Ben Nunez
2D artist
Marty O'Donnell
Sound & Music Lead (& misc. voices)
Alex Okita (interview at Oni Central)
Concept artist, Object modeling and texturing, Particle system artist, 2D artist
Brent Pease (interview at Oni Central)
Project coordinator, Engineer (programmer) (left before Oni's completion)
Chris Porter (interview at Oni Central)
Game designer
Lorraine Reyes McLees
2D artist (responsible for most of the promotional and in-game artwork)
Michael Salvatori and Power of Seven
Original music, Additional sound design
Alexander Seropian (interview about Wideload)
Executive Producer
Stefan Sinclair
Programmer (OpenGL)
Joseph Staten
Game design
Sean Turbitt (interview at Oni Central)
Architect (Level design) (left before Oni's completion)
Jay Weinland
Additional sound design
Michael Wu
Game design

Voice credits

There is a page HERE devoted to gleaning what info we can about each of the following voice actors. The alphabetical credits are as follows.

George Adams
Anne Bowerman
Kevin Gudahl
Amanda Winn Lee
Kurt Naebig
Bob O'Donnell
Dr. Kerr
Pete Stacker
Norm Woodel
Dr. Hasegawa
Additional Voices
Hamilton "sir" Chu
Marty O'Donnell
Mickey O'Donnell
Joseph Staten
Doug Zartman