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"A storyline for Oni 2" was a brainstorming thread on the Oni Central Forum that ran from April 2005 to May 2006. It is summarized by topic below. A lower-level summary, by individual post, can be found here: [[/PostSummary1|Part 1]] – [[/PostSummary2|Part 2]].
"A storyline for Oni 2" was a brainstorming thread on the Oni Central Forum that ran from April 2005 to May 2006. It is summarized by topic below. A lower-level summary, by individual post, can be found here: [[/PostSummary1|Part 1]] – [[/PostSummary2|Part 2]].
The original thread could be found [http://konokoffin.bungie.org/forums/index.php?threadid=9 here] at one time, but the archive for the Infinite Core era of OCF is now down, so that link is now a 404.
The original thread could be found [http://konokoffin.bungie.org/forums/index.php?threadid=9 here] at one time, but the archive for the Infinite Core era of OCF is now down, so that link is now a 404. [http://web.archive.org/web/20070226155159/http://oni.bungie.org/forums/index.php?threadid=9 Here's] an archived version that may work.

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"A storyline for Oni 2" was a brainstorming thread on the Oni Central Forum that ran from April 2005 to May 2006. It is summarized by topic below. A lower-level summary, by individual post, can be found here: Part 1Part 2.

The original thread could be found here at one time, but the archive for the Infinite Core era of OCF is now down, so that link is now a 404. Here's an archived version that may work.

The World


  • After 20 years, most of the damage to the atmosphere has been fixed by the brilliant scientist Mukade (see Mukade-Hasegawa theory under "Hasegawa" section below) as the head of WCG. Order has been restored quickly by martial law, as the people are mostly concerned with burying their dead after the Cataclysm. (geyser)
  • Even after 20 years, society is likely to be in chaos because the atmospheric damage is irreversible. The Syndicate drew its strength from the underprivileged who lived outside the cities, therefore we should expect to see chaos increase when the ACCs (and thus the cities) fall. (guido)
  • After 20 years, most of the ACCs have been repaired, but there are also Daodan symbiotes living in settlements outside the cities. (typhen)


  • The poor outside the cities have clean air doled out to them by dispensers from the WCG. (guido)
  • The WCG has at least some good intentions (allows protests and free speech such as report on Jamie Kerr's death, cleans air within cities). Possibly the manual is right and the WCG allows the Syndicate to exist, or possibly the TCTF is just cowardly. Because the WCG is too weak (possibly de-militarized), it cannot stand against the Syndicate after the Cataclysm hits. The WCG is possibly not concerned enough about the plight of those outside the cities to ship air to them, but they did strengthen the ACCs after Jamie's death. (geyser)
  • WCG only pretends to allow free speech. They cover up the real story when reporting on Jamie's death because the gov't has no intention of acknowledging the extent of the pollution problem. (TheTurnipKing)
  • WCG is diminished by the Cataclysm but still holds onto some territories. (Snake007x)
  • WCG of Oni 2 will be less about oppression and more about propaganda. (Nyctasia)
  • WCG has to join forces with the Syndicate to save humanity. (Gatkowski)


  • One of the main advantages in the Syndicate is that they are not bound by the legal restrictions that the TCTF have, so they can develop new tech more quickly (such as adult SLDs). TCTF didn't try to take down Syndicate simply because they were afraid the Syndicate was stronger. (TNT)
  • Syndicate will make grab for world power because they were prepared for the Cataclysm, unlike WCG. Likely, in Oni 1 the TCTF was out-matched by the Syndicate already. (geyser)
  • Syndicate cannot easily overwhelm TCTF, as both sets of character classes have their advantages. (TNT)
  • Syndicate has the most power outside the cities, but they are in the cities too. Symbiotes living in settlements got their Chrysalises (inferior to Mai's) from Syndicate. (typhen)
  • Syndicate only gave Chrysalises to a few key people. (geyser)


  • A "technological mega-consortium run by the Syndicate++ state. It makes everything from weapons to vehicles to droids/SLDs/mechas/cyborgs(/Daodans?)". Mukade-Hasegawa (see Mukade=Hasegawa theory under "Hasegawa" section) runs META as a way to control and guide humanity through the ecological cataclysm and into a perfect, harmonious state. Over time, some of META's head people may suspect that they are being used for an ulterior motive by Hasegawa, or may have their own motivations. META may seek to recruit Mai. (geyser)
  • META is more of an emergency alliance between groups with a common interest, unconnected to the Syndicate and WCG. META thinks that technology is the answer to all our problems. They trust blindly in rapid innovation. Their devices are built hastily and are amazing but unreliable. (guido)
  • META's devices are so advanced as to be almost alien in nature; in fact, they may be the product of alien influence on Hasegawa. They may also be designed for use by people who are superhuman, like Mai. (geyser)


  • A rebel group fighting against META's centralized control of the world; they are opposed to the use of the Chrysalis, seeing it as a tool of META's control. They take in Mai without knowing who she is, then become divided over whether to continue using her when they learn she is a symbiote and the cause of the Cataclysm. Some of the rebels may be able to forgive her, some will be willing to keep using her as a tool, and some may consider her an enemy. Phoenix's methods may be ethically gray, including killing people who know too much about their operations. (geyser)
  • Phoenix may have been founded by Mukade himself (this is an extension of the Master Plan theory under the "Hasegawa" section), as a means of controlling the opposition, or to gain more power for himself through planned escalation. (Last_Hero, Your_Mom)


Daodan Chrysalis


  • The Daodan is a non-sentient organism that simply wants to survive. (TNT)
  • The Daodan wants whatever the host wants, because the Daodan is the host. The Chrysalis is just a beneficial organism, not self-aware. Hosts do not need to eat as much as they used to, since the Daodan draws its own energy. Although one cannot communicate with the Chrysalis, it might be possible to guide its development (this idea is based off this console). There may be a stage beyond even Imago. Source of Daodan should be left open to interpretation. The Daodan may have also infected the general food chain. (TheTurnipKing)
  • The Daodan is aware, or at least intelligent in a sense. An amazing organism, it is essentially composed of stem cells which can re-task themselves indefinitely. It's therefore unlikely that Hasegawa developed the Chrysalis in so short a time. It might be a smart cancer from "outer space", which is to say, perhaps the same alternate dimension where Screaming Cells and Mukade's Devil Star come from. (geyser)
  • The Daodan's effect on the host is not as harmless as Kerr posited. Note how Konoko becomes more violent when overpowered; another "nature" is replacing hers. This leads to a schizophrenia of sorts as the Daodan wages a battle for the host's mind, a contest of wills. Rather than taking a final form, an Imago host is always evolving in response to current conditions, and the battle of willpower is thus also never-ending. A host who resists the Daodan's influence may learn to communicate with it mentally. A host who loses the battle becomes like Mutant Muro. As the host develops in a direction away from normal humanity, not having the same biological needs, they become distanced from their old self and from others. Symbiotes are unable to co-exist peacefully. (geyser)
  • The Imago form might be a temporary shape, short-lived like a butterfly. In the end, having replaced all the host's cells, the Daodan may consume itself. However, it will leave behind a seed, in the form of a reborn host, upgraded by the Daodan but who no longer has a Chrysalis inside them. While the host cannot stop the process, they can choose what path to follow as they develop. (guido)


  • Perhaps the Daodan was developed by an immortal and immaterial alien race that wants to direct our evolution for their own purposes. These aliens could be the "Oni" of the game's title, and may be what becomes visible during a Daodan overpower state, as they are actively guiding the Daodan's development. It's also possible that the Daodan (or the Oni) are affecting people's minds. Their purpose might be benevolent towards us, or only serve their own purposes. The goal may be to find ones who are strong enough to resist the Daodan, perhaps to advance humanity to a higher level. (geyser)
  • Alternately, the Chrysalis might have simply been a tool for Hasegawa to overturn the WCG and to take over the Syndicate. See the Master Plan theory under "Hasegawa" section. (geyser)
  • The beings behind the Daodan are using it to create human ambassadors, to serve as a bridge between their immaterial world and ours. Perhaps there's a threat to their existence which is rooted in the physical world, so they need our help. (Seraf Ethifeo)
  • The Daodan Chrysalis allows its alien creators to inhabit a physical body. To promote its use, they caused the BioCrisis and the Cataclysm of 12/3. (caddy)


  • The Daodan needs a certain amount of time to learn about its host before it can safely transform. Muro rushes the transformation and becomes monstrous (and unstable) as a result. Reproduction of the host may be asexual, taking place by "budding". (geyser)
  • Although an SLD cannot be implanted with a Chrysalis, a cyborg can. (geyser)
  • The Daodan and its host may be able to exist in a pre-Imago equilibrium if the host continues to fight mentally against being replaced totally. (guido)
  • Daodan transformations are reversible and can serve as the overpower mode in the next game. (Kumo, geyser)
  • Society is opposed to the use of the Chrysalis, and the government is investigating the Daodan's nature. META may be producing Chrysalises. (geyser)
  • The WCG/TCTF is experimenting with putting the Chrysalis in its police officers. Only gradually are its dangers becoming known. (Kumo)
  • Hypos contain sedatives; as these sedatives affect the mind, they weaken one's willpower. In a Daodan symbiote, whose will is fighting with the will of the Chrysalis, this allows the Chrysalis to temporarily increase its control over the host, causing the overpower effect seen in Oni. (TNT)

Screaming Cells

  • Screaming Cells are from the same place as the Daodan (and the Devil Star). (geyser)
  • They are sentient, that is, they feel or sense other life forms, but are not intelligent. (geyser)

Iron Demon

  • Griffin planned to use the Iron Demon to stop Muro if Mai could not do the job. (TheTurnipKing, TNT)
  • The Iron Demon will be used by the TCTF to hunt Mai in the future. (guido)
  • Mai could fight the Iron Demon using a mechanical suit. (geyser)


  • In twenty years' time, mankind would find ways to make the air decent in at least confined areas (esp. if "Mukade-Hasegawa" is in charge of the world), and in 20 years the city streets should be clean enough that only a mask is needed. Living outside the cities, however, might be impossible. The only green areas might be inside city domes. Some cities might be abandoned, but not destroyed, as the air simply went bad and people had to move out. (geyser)
  • The pollution is too bad to be reversed, even after 20 years. Most of the ACCs blew up in the cities and caused devastation (however, some ACCs might not have blown up). We should expect a post-apocalyptic setting in Oni 2 with toxic rain. People living outside the ravaged cities get shipments of clean air in tanks from the WCG. (guido)
  • 20 years later, mankind now uses the Chrysalis to survive, but the pollution drains them of most of their Daodan-enhanced energy. (Snake007x)
  • After 20 years, some ACCs have been repaired, but some people also live outside the cities in settlements, using Chrysalises. These Chrysalises are made by the Syndicate and inferior to Mai's. Normal humans can venture outside in suits for a limited time, which are manufactured and controlled by the TCTF. (typhen)
  • The pollution may be caused by the beings who made the Daodan, in order to promote its use as a Chrysalis. Konoko's and Muro's destruction of the ACCs may have been the result of the influence of their Chrysalises, to prevent mankind from solving the pollution issue without using the Daodan. (caddy)


  • The TCTF and Syndicate have to join forces to save the world. The story focuses on characters and their back stories. (Gatkowski)
  • Humans have acted like a cancer that depletes the resources of the body (the planet). The Daodan Chrysalis represents a benevolent cancer that will change our attitude to one of living in harmony with nature. (TheTurnipKing)
  • Details of character and world should be kept on the side, in consoles. Some darkness is okay, but story should overall remain light, with humor. The story may contain multiple red herrings or dead-ends, leaving the ultimate truth up to the player (or at least revealing it only at the end). Can also touch on "government and rebellion, friendship and betrayal, mercy and vengeance, insanity and kinslaying, questionable humanity (androids, cyborgs, clones, symbiotes [referring to the Chrysalis replacing the mind of the host]), non-human intelligence [the Oni], [and] grand design [referring to the Oni guiding our evolution through the Chrysalis]". (geyser)
  • One focus can be on Mai's mental struggle to remain human despite the advances of the Daodan Chrysalis. It might be that the purpose of the Chrysalis is to separate the strong-minded (Mai, Mukade) from the weak-minded (Muro) by requiring continual mental resistance to prevent a transformation. These selected few may be intended to communicate with the Oni that made the Daodan, or to avert some threat to mankind. Mai's mental struggle may be depicted in her mind's eye by visitations from Muro, who challenges her and represents the course she wants to avoid; he may actually be the means the Daodan uses to speak with Mai. The endless resistance to becoming Imago, the rejection of a "final form" imposed by the Daodan, represents a wabi-sabiesque acceptance of imperfection: embracing human frailty as a strength, and continually evolving in response to new situations (i.e., life, as opposed to death by stagnation). This contrast also is seen in META's attempt to make humanity perfect, and the rebels who fight against an imposed stasis. (geyser)
  • The misuse of the Chrysalis can also represent Pandora's Box, a force for good or evil. When the evils escaped from Pandora's Box, Hope was left in the bottom. In some interpretations, Hope was actually an evil because it vainly encouraged man to think he could change the future for the better. Thus the Daodan may or may not represent a path to a better future, and its intended use by its original creators may not be the best use from humanity's perspective. Mai may become skeptical of the Daodan's benefits, in contrast to a scientist who embraces the Daodan uncritically and may be endangering humanity as a result. (geyser)
  • Another focus can be a repetition of the themes from Oni 1: a nameless heroine without a past (this time due to amnesia caused by her inner struggle with guilt and the Daodan); an authoritarian government (this time, the Syndicate or META); a struggle between two communities (this time rebels who hate the Daodan, and META which is developing it), one of which adopts Mai (perhaps simply to use her as a weapon); Mai developing superhuman abilities while discovering her identity; a shadowy community of enemies; Mai's community rejecting her out of fear of her powers; an enemy mastermind who is somehow connected to Mai; and marginalized individuals who can help Mai find her identity. (geyser)
  • Instead of remaining human, Mai may gradually become less human. This would be in contrast to the numerous stories which depict artificial people wanting to become more human. (geyser)
  • The world is increasingly thrown into chaos by the Chrysalis as government and environment deteriorate. A lone, charismatic individual survives the destruction to bring about a new order. Daodan hosts who master their fears and maintain an internal equilibrium can overcome the influence of the Chrysalis and remain in control, perhaps guiding its development. The state of the external world (martial law, breakdown of society, etc.) mirrors Mai's inner struggle against the Daodan. Eventually the host becomes something entirely different, but still beautiful, like a flower becoming a fruit. The discarded seeds of the fruit may be the reborn Daodan host. (guido)
  • Story should focus less on details and secondary characters, and more on archetypes and motivations and how characters fit together. Compelling story is more important than continuity with Oni 1. Ditto geyser's console remark. (Seventeen Seconds)
  • Oni 2 can be consistently dark in tone and still be effective through careful use of visual language. The noir genre is also known for its detective work. We can be subtle and let the player fill in some details using their imaginations. (TNT)
  • Mai and Mukade must learn to put the past behind them. Mai may seek forgiveness for injuring Mukade unnecessarily, or may learn that he is her father. This revelation may only occur after she fails to save his life due to inner conflict or hesitation. Alternately, Mukade may betray her trust after she finally gives it to him. (Your_Mom)
  • A point to dwell on may be the vanishingly thin line between radicals fighting for a "cause" and extremists/hate groups. Phoenix may be overly extreme in their beliefs and methods. (Your_Mom, geyser)


The time period for Oni 2 is generally given as 20 years after Oni 1 (geyser, various other members). Cities may now be under domes, but the pollution is mostly under control and citizens only wear masks. Guido pushed for a sequel set only a few years after Oni 1, in a more chaotic environment with destructive weather. Here are some concepts for levels:

  • Cave in Wilderness. (geyser)
  • Vansam City, not totally ruined, but perhaps abandoned. (geyser)
  • Dingy warehouse-turned-nightclub. (geyser)
  • Skyscraper lounge. (geyser)
  • Streets and suburbs. (geyser)
  • Mall closed for the night. (geyser)
  • Natural settings with grass and trees. (geyser)
  • Rooftops fit for a chase sequence, with META patrols to dodge. (geyser)
  • Half-ruined cities with toxic rain. (guido)
  • Secret installations. (guido)
  • Offices in new cities. (guido)
  • SLD factory with assembly line. (guido)
  • Secret underground lab with hangars and generators. (owldreamer)
  • School at night, with dormitories, gym, pool, library, basement, and guarded tunnel system. (owldreamer)
  • Skyscraper of large software enterprise, with computer rooms, storage rooms, cafeteria, complex security. (owldreamer)
  • Syndicate computer tower with generator rooms, ventilation systems, heavy security. (owldreamer)


Main Character

  • A friend of Mai. She is seeking out Mai, who is missing, in order to learn more about the dangers of the Chrysalis before the government fully adopts it as a cure. Her powers are limited compared to Mai's in order to allow the game to still be challenging. (Kumo, TNT)
  • Mai. Her powers have advanced since Oni 1, and she may have the ability to go Imago for a short time, but more powerful/numerous enemies will keep the game challenging. (geyser, other members)
  • Investigator character could also be a new generation of Daodan symbiote who advances faster, bringing her closer to Mai's level of power. (Kumo)
  • Game might have two main characters, Mai and a male or female investigator, in alternating levels. Mai's levels could be more action-oriented and the other character's more stealth- or puzzle-oriented. (geyser, Last_Hero)
  • Hikari the SLD, who tries to find the remains of Mai before the Syndicate, who want to learn about the Chrysalis. (owldreamer)


  • Mai will remain true to herself even when she transforms, as Kerr stated she would. (TheTurnipKing)
  • Mai appears to be the same age as in Oni, even 20 years later, because the Chrysalis makes her near-immortal. Mai has to fight against the violent nature of her Chrysalis; Kerr didn't fully understand the Daodan. She suffers from a split personality as the Daodan tries to take her over and she resists the Imago transformation. Over time, the Daodan's mental attacks become smarter and Mai must become "fitter" herself in order to keep up the fight. (geyser)
  • Alternately, the Daodan may be content with transforming her physically and leave her mind alone. (geyser)
  • Mai still ages because she resists the Imago phase. Oni 2 should thus take place only 7 years after Oni. However, she may eventually give in to the Chrysalis in order to save the world. When the transformation is finished, the resulting Mai is upgraded but no longer has her Chrysalis. (guido)
  • Mai is supposedly dead and the player must find her remains (she turns out to be alive). (owldreamer)
  • Mai needs less food, as her Chrysalis supplies her with energy from another source. Mai gradually identifies less with ordinary humans because of the difference in her biological needs. (TheTurnipKing, geyser)
  • Mai has been blamed as the culprit behind the Cataclysm and is now Public Enemy #1. She may not have been in her right mind when triggering the Cataclysm -- she simply blew up the ACCs instead of trying to fix them. Either the Daodan influenced her thoughts, or she was very naive to think that the Chrysalis would save everyone. Mai later feels guilt over her role in the Cataclysm and suffers a sort of mental breakdown that leads to a 20-year coma followed by amnesia. This may also have been brought on by resisting the Daodan's influence and wearing out her body, mind and Chrysalis. Upon waking up, Mai has to learn about herself and her abilities along with the player while running from the WCG. She has troubling dreams and flashbacks which eventually restore her memories. (geyser)
  • Mai does not feel overwhelming guilt over the Cataclysm because she knows her actions saved more people than would have survived Muro's plan. She could not have fixed the ACCs because Muro permanently modified them. She is willing to take the hate of the world on her shoulders. (Gatkowski)
  • Mai needs to learn to trust others, perhaps including her father and Mukade. (guido)
  • Mai might be used by others at first (last time it was TCTF, this time it's Phoenix), and gradually learns the truth of the situation, perhaps leading to her defection from the group when she realizes she doesn't agree with their methods. She may also infiltrate META Industries. (geyser)
  • Mai is now wiser and more skeptical about the Chrysalis. She may fight against its introduction to the populace. (geyser)


  • Mai was his only hope of defeating Muro. Or possibly he had the Iron Demon as his backup plan if Mai became uncontrollable and had to be killed. (TheTurnipKing)
  • Mai was only an experiment of Griffin's. He was not interested in starting a war with the Syndicate using Mai as a front line soldier; he knew the enemy was stronger. Instead he stuck to battling low-echelon criminals. (geyser)
  • 20 years after Oni, Griffin is gone. Going forward that far allows us to avoid the issue of whether he died naturally or Mai killed him in Oni. His children are now adults, allowing a new generation to enter the story. (geyser)


  • The Mukade=Hasegawa theory points out that Hasegawa is mysteriously absent from Oni without explanation, and Mai feels a strange connection to Mukade. She doesn't state that she has similar feelings around another likely symbiote, Barabas, nor even with her brother and fellow symbiote, Muro. (geyser)
  • Hasegawa created the Daodan Chrysalis suspiciously fast. He may have been under alien influence. We can't necessarily take his diary at face value as far as why Jamie died, and whether he really started his work after that point. (geyser)
  • Hasegawa was wrong when he predicted (or claimed to believe) that a Cataclysm was coming, as the ACCs still had things under control until Konoko blew them up years later. Perhaps this was a false justification? Hasegawa's work was awfully broad-ranging for a simple "pollution cure". Resentment over Jamie's death may have played a factor in the anti-establishment consequences of the Chrysalis. (geyser)
  • The ACCs may in fact have been on the verge of being overloaded by the pollution (as implied in this console). Hasegawa and Kerr's research may seem too dangerous or far-reaching to be justifiable, but they were led by their grief over Jamie at the time. (TNT, Laughing_Man_Ra)
  • The Master Plan theory (dependent on the Mukade=Hasegawa theory) is that Hasegawa should have foreseen that the Syndicate would not leave him and Kerr alone once the abilities of the Chrysalis became clear. That may have been part of his plan: the Chrysalis would de-stabilize the WCG while also giving technology to the Syndicate that only Hasegawa could support. This would place him in a powerful position within the organization. He then planned to place his children at the head of the Syndicate as powerful Daodan symbiotes, or else he chose to place Muro at the top so that he could control his dangerous son from the sidelines. His real goal was to fool the Syndicate into making modifications to the ACCs that would fix the pollution, not make it worse. He gave Muro the fake, evil plan to follow, while Hasegawa as Mukade monitored the Syndicate scientists to make sure they didn't get too close to the truth. Once the Cataclysm turned out the opposite of how the Syndicate expected it to, the criminal organization would collapse as Hasegawa retreated into the shadows. However, when Mukade was injured by Mai and put out of the picture (see Rooftops theory under "Mukade" section), his plan went awry; Mai blew up the ACCs right before they could start reversing the pollution. (geyser)
  • Master Plan theory part two: In Oni 2, Hasegawa now has to return to the Syndicate to try to fix things. This time he has more pollution to contend with, and he'll have the obstacle of convincing the Syndicate to rebuild the ACCs. Since Hasegawa is a symbiote and will live forever, the burden of trying to save the world distances him from humanity. His goal of guiding the world from an everlasting pedestal is at odds with the desires of Mai and the rebels who want freedom. (geyser)
  • This is just one possible identity for Hasegawa. He may not head META; he may or may not be Mukade, or Mukade may be based on him, or he may have become Mukade. Multiple truths can be hinted at in the course of the game. (geyser)
  • Hasegawa has probably left the Syndicate by the time of Oni, judging by the fact that the new symbiotes (Mukade and Barabas) are weaker than Mai and Muro, and at least one of them is in a disfigured state. They're still trying to get the Chrysalis implantation process right. (Laughing_Man_Ra)


  • Kerr's "expression of your true nature" speech to Mai was mostly a hopeful attempt at being reassuring. He knew even less than Hasegawa, and neither of them necessarily had any reason to know how a symbiote would turn out when Muro and Mai were the very first ones. (geyser)
  • Kerr and Hasegawa must have tested the Daodan before, at least on animals. If Kerr knew that there would be a transformation, then he probably knew what he was talking about when he gave his speech to Mai. (Your_Mom, TheTurnipKing)
  • Kerr might have left recordings or diary entries that will be useful to Mai; he may have predicted some future events. The revived Shinatama may share these with Mai over the course of the game. He could also appear in a dream level. (geyser)


  • Barabas represents an attempt by Muro to duplicate and modify the Daodan Chrysalis. He merely has enhanced strength augmented with technology, unlike the more advanced Mukade. The Chrysalises inside Barabas and Mukade are copies of Muro's. (TheTurnipKing, geyser)
  • Barabas' transformation, although Imago-like, was incomplete; this may have been because he was a cyborg, and his mechanical parts interfered with the Daodan's effects. (geyser)
  • Barabas was used by Muro to learn about Mai's abilities. (Laughing_Man_Ra)
  • Barabas was sent against Mai to teach him about his own limitations. (geyser)
  • Barabas may only have been KOed by Konoko and then captured. Mai may search for him in Oni 2 to get some answers. (guido)
  • Barabas probably would not have been left alive by the TCTF, if he did survive Konoko. However, he could be brought back in a barely-recognizable form, as something for returning players to pick up on. (geyser)
  • Barabas may still have been developing as a symbiote in Oni, since he gains the red shield between his two fights with Mai. (TNT)


  • Muro's Imago form was an unstable result of developing too fast, instead of allowing the Chrysalis to take its time. (geyser)
  • Muro would not have survived past the end of Oni, either dying at Mai's hands or the TCTF's. (geyser)
  • Muro and Barabas are alive and in captivity as of Oni 2. (Nyctasia)
  • Muro would not be interesting enough to bring back as a villain again. However, he could return in imaginary form in Mai's mind, perhaps as a means for the Daodan to communicate with her. He might challenge her philosophically or spar with her mentally, training her in the use of her Chrysalis. (geyser)
  • Under the Mukade=Hasegawa theory, Muro may have been unaware of his father's true plans for the Syndicate and the world. He was simply being used as a charismatic leader while Hasegawa worked in the shadows. This would also explain why he tolerated Mukade as such a powerful and independent subordinate. (geyser)
  • Alternately, Muro may have only known what others told him about his father's plans. He might have only taken over the Syndicate after (and because) something happened to Hasegawa. (geyser)
  • Muro serves as a symbol of what Konoko should not become. (guido)
  • Muro kidnapped Shinatama and had the Regional State data stolen in order to learn more about Konoko. (Laughing_Man_Ra)
  • Muro kidnapped Shinatama only for sadistic fun, and couldn't have learned anything useful from her anyway. The Regional State computers didn't have any information that Muro didn't already know. (geyser)

Mukade & Ninjas

  • See "Hasegawa" section above for the Mukade=Hasegawa theory. Alternately, Mukade might not be Hasegawa, or he might have absorbed Hasegawa. In any case, the Chrysalis gradually alienates him from humanity. (geyser)
  • Mukade is not Hasegawa, but he is ruling the Syndicate in Oni 2. (typhen)
  • Mukade could be the one who introduced the Daodan to Hasegawa. He may have also found his Devil Stars behind the "phase veil". (geyser)
  • Mukade is a more advanced symbiote than Barabas. He may be even more advanced than Mai. (TheTurnipKing, geyser)
  • Mukade had not yet finished "changing" when he fought with Konoko and urged her to give in to her own Chrysalis, indicating that it might be possible to resist the change. Therefore he might still not be in Imago form in Oni 2. (geyser)
  • We don't actually know Mukade's gender. His/her voice could be altered. (TheTurnipKing)
  • Mukade was clearly killed by Konoko in Oni. He simply overestimated his abilities and thus failed to use his ninjas to provide backup. Since Konoko could "sense" him, she would have known if he were still alive. (Nyctasia)
  • Mukade is likely to still be alive in Oni 2, more so than Barabas or Muro. His Chrysalis allowed him to survive his neck being broken, and the TCTF was not present at the time to apprehend him. Konoko did not sense his survival because he was in a coma or because he was more advanced in the use of his Chrysalis and "hid" from her mentally. (geyser)
  • Mukade should not be brought back in Oni 2 because Mai killing him in Oni 1 was an important plot point, and to underscore that they were "superpredators", and because having Mukade in Oni 2 would distract from Mai's story. If he is brought back, he should be a new character, not Hasegawa; but there are other ways to let him influence the story without bringing him back from the dead. (Seventeen Seconds)
  • Mukade is world ruler, through META. Mukade suspects the identity of Mai (she is still regaining her own memories) and begins investigating her. He has doubles everywhere (not actual clones, although he may be able to form temporary, insubstantial clones in combat), which Mai will encounter before meeting the real one, and which may leave riddles for her. See "Hasegawa" and "META" sections for more on Mukade-Hasegawa's Plan. (geyser)
  • Mukade may also have founded Phoenix, and an environmental group, just to be able to play different sides against each other and give him a rebellion to use as an excuse for gaining power. (Last_Hero)
  • The Rooftops theory is that the situation starting with the data theft at Regional State and ending with the fight between Mukade and Mai was orchestrated carefully by Mukade, at least until the very end. Mukade, who in this theory is Hasegawa, or a clone/SLD with his engrams, wants to observe Mai's development as a Daodan host. First letting Mai see him steal the data, so she won't doubt its origins, he draws her across the rooftops until they are out of sight of the TCTF and his own ninjas, and then confronts her (he may also be manipulating her mentally). He hopes that she will be ready to learn the truth, but when he sees her conflicted state, he decides she's too unstable to absorb what he wants to tell her. Plan B is to fight her, then "lose" and drop the disc, which has handpicked information of his own (not what was taken from Regional State) which tells her just a little of what she needs to know and which will lead her to Kerr. However, Mai goes further than he expected when she breaks his neck, causing his plans to derail while he recuperates and Mai blows the world's ACCs. (geyser)
  • Mukade's connection to Mai was simply due to their Chrysalises. His failure to escape Mai is due to his instinctual need to fight her for dominance. (Gatkowski, TNT by way of Hardy)
  • Mai's Chrysalis might resonate positively with Mukade's. Mukade may or may not be Mai's dad. He can have multiple roles or an ambiguous role in Oni 2. He could be a guide for Mai in learning about her Chrysalis. (guido)
  • Being with Mukade would be an unpleasant experience for Mai due to bad memories awakened, and she would be unable to trust him. There can be no peaceful coexistence between Daodan hosts. He may serve as a sort of remote tutor for Mai, but perhaps he learns from her, as well. (geyser)
  • Mai might change her opinion of Mukade when she learns more about him (including their possible blood link), although this might only happen after he dies. Possibly, Mukade may forgive Mai for injuring him in Oni 1, to her surprise. This could either lead to Mukade betraying her after earning her trust, or else to making him into a tragic figure who Mai is unable to save because of her lingering distrust of him. (Your_Mom)
  • The ninjas might be experimental SLDs devised by Mukade-Hasegawa; they seem similar to Mukade, and yet more robotic. Mukade might be operating independently from Muro. The ninjas comprise his intelligence network, and he may see through their eyes using his Daodan powers and even control them. That might be what the spikes on their suits are for (psychic antennas). They may also be the subjects of minor Daodan tweaking themselves. (geyser)


  • Shinatama's remains were recovered by the Syndicate and integrated into their main computer system in order to hack her memories and learn about the Chrysalis. Shinatama has held on for 20 years, but knows that her security will eventually fail, so she sends crucial data packages to various lab computers around the world. Shinatama can provide information to Hikari (see "Other Characters" below) to guide her in stopping the terminals that are hacking into Shinatama. (owldreamer)
  • Shinatama backed herself up (perhaps only partially) before she blew up, so she is missing some memories. Now in digital form, over time she accumulates knowledge which she may share with Mai, although Shinatama's experiences and confusion have left her somewhat afraid of her old friend. (geyser)

Other Characters

  • New Syndicate leader (if not Mukade). He might be a former rival of Muro's, and might seek out Mai as a threat or as a guide. (guido)
  • Former TCTF personnel who might want to join Mai. (guido)
  • Former associates of Hasegawa's. (guido)
  • Bismarck, elected ruler of a nation called the United Federation. He is conspiring to take total control by secretly arming rebel forces in order to give himself a reason to acquire more power. He hires Konoko as head of his security force. (Snake007x)
  • Mr. Big, a nightclub owner with lots of weapons. He's one of the rebels, but perhaps more of an outsider than an inner member of any group. He watches over Mai while she regains her memories. He's very strong but cunning as well, and his motives may be cloudy. (geyser)
  • Hikari, an SLD (or android) who may have some of Shinatama's memories. She may have much important information that she can give to Mai if they find each other; she may also need to find that knowledge herself before she can share it. (owldreamer) However, she may be distanced from Mai because of the changes both of them have gone through, with a resulting lack of trust in each other; Hikari may even fear Mai. Her artificial skin may have the ability to cloak at will or camouflage her. (geyser)
  • Hacker kid who assists Hikari. (owldreamer) May be grandson of Dr. Edwards. (geyser)
  • Dr. Edwards, head of META's Daodan research. He is wary of the dangers of using the Chrysalis. (Last_Hero) He may be kept mostly in the dark, and be perfectly fine with that, in contrast to Pandora who wants more knowledge. (geyser)
  • Relative or former subordinate of Griffin. He or she wants revenge on Konoko, at least at first. (geyser)
  • "Pandora" (working name), a scientist who defects from META to Phoenix with equipment for making a few Chrysalises. She is optimistic about the Chrysalis, which brings her into conflict with Mai. (geyser)
  • Various evil Imago-form Daodan hosts spawned from Pandora's "box". (geyser)