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Easily our worst template, Table defies all laws of sensible wiki editing. Transcluding it opens a table that needs to be closed manually. It ignores the existence of a nearly-identical pre-defined table class, "wikitable". And it's long been used as our standard method of making a table, in too many places to sanely contemplate fixing.

Please do not exacerbate the problem; avoid using this template when making new tables. You can use the standard table syntax directly, or else open a table with {| class="wikitable" to get similar formatting. Add in the class "sortable" ({| class="wikitable sortable") to get a sortable table. Further add in the class "autosort" in order to make the table automatically sort by its first column when the page loads. You can specify another column as the default by declaring a fourth class, "by-column-x", where 'x' is a number from 1 to 9. See BSL:List for a sample usage of this feature.