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About me

Hi, I am s10k, an Oni player, since 2001.

Since 2004 (since I have internet access), I have been active in Oni community. I have been doing some modding since then.

I have started with scripts since these were the easiest way back then to mod, after that I also learned other ways of modding and also learned to use programming languages.

Some of the mods / tools that I have done along the years are:

  • Oni Titan Mode (original scripts refactored to include more enemies and harder bosses)
  • Oni RPG (an Oni RPG game made with RPG Maker 2003)
  • Old China (A new oni level that is an unofficial prequel to the game, made with my friend EdT)
  • Vago GUI (An user interface program to OniSplit)
  • XmlTools (A powerful XML processing tool designed to be used along with other applications like the Anniversary Edition Installer)

I also contributed to mods like OTA, Renegade and Take Me Down. I have did the first versions of these, and provided the initial idea, at least for Renegade (Vampire Mod) and Take Me Down.

Nowadays I'm working as programmer.

Feel free to contact me my the email faob2 at hotmail dot com, or here at discussion.

My Mods

You can download all my mods from the Mod Depot. Most of them can be easily installed using the Anniversary Edition Installer.

Incomplete / Ancient Scripts

Where you can download all my minor scripts.

Incomplete Scripts

Name Latest Version Description
A.A. The Civilian Attack 0.2 The name says all. Very incomplete.
Unreal Tournament Oni Mod fixed version OTA first script

Char Battles Scripts

Name Latest Version
Droid_VS_Male_Scientist Original
Droid Vs Engineer Original

My Movies

I have did some Oni clips. You can check them out at my page in youtube.