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Oni ni Kanabô

Modifications of Konoko's appearance, combat skills etc should go here.


Locked combos

The basic hack is of course to unlock Konoko's combat moves so they can be used in every level.

Uploading hacked TRAMs soon...

Main compatibility problem will be with the RAW addresses.

However, OniUnPacker should enable everyone to unlock Konoko's combos with a single click some time soon...

New combos

A few combos here and there, mostly scripted

Trinity Jump

When you perform a standing jump-flip, Konoko freezes in mid-air (à la Trinity in the first Matrix movie). The camera rotates around her, faster and faster, then she does a Super Kick, then gameplay resumes.

Coming soon...

Twister Kick variations

And Willow kick variations, too. Coming soon...


So Konoko's original looks in Oni are not good enough for you? Here ya go.


Fury Konoko

Since Furies are spawned with a random skin, we don't want one of them to spawn with Konoko's face and hair...

However, there are levels where whole Fury classes are present, but not spawned : Airport, and Dream Lab.


Later... maybe even with a script or two.

Dream Lab

Patch the file Red1_E_tx.TRMA in level13_Final.dat with one of the following TRMA files, depending on the file IDs of the involved TXMP in your version of Oni.

File ID File name
803 802 Iteration001/k4_head.TXMP
7011 7010 RED_HARD/red_pelvis.TXMP
7012 7011 RED_HARD/red_thigh.TXMP
7013 7012 RED_HARD/red_calf.TXMP
7014 7013 RED_HARD/Red_hhfoot.TXMP
7015 7014 RED_HARD/red_mid.TXMP
7016 7015 RED_HARD/red_chest.TXMP
7017 7016 RED_HARD/red_neck.TXMP
7019 7018 RED_HARD/red_shoulder.TXMP
7020 7019 RED_HARD/red_bicL.TXMP
7021 7020 RED_HARD/red_wrist.TXMP
7022 7021 RED_HARD/red_wrist.TXMP
7023 7022 RED_HARD/red_bicR.TXMP

Black Ops Konoko

The only original level where Konoko's TCTF outfit and Black Ops textures are present simultaneously is CHAPTER 11 . DREAM DIVER.

Patch the file konoko002_high_texture_generic.TRMA in level13_Final.dat with one of the following TRMA files, depending on the file IDs of the involved TXMP in your version of Oni.

File ID File name
803 802 Iteration001/k4_head.TXMP
4167 4266 Iteration002/TCthighR.TXMP
4168 4167 Iteration002/TCcalfR.TXMP
4169 4168 Iteration002/TCfootR.TXMP
4170 4169 Iteration002/TCmid.TXMP
4172 4171 Iteration002/TCneck.TXMP
4174 4173 Iteration002/TCshoulderL.TXMP
4175 4174 Iteration002/TCbicepsR.TXMP
4176 4175 Iteration002/TCwristR.TXMP
4177 4176 Iteration002/TCfist.TXMP
4178 4177 Iteration002/TCshoulderR.TXMP

Atmospheric Conversion Center

It has been pointed out that Konoko may have had reasons to "dress in black" when going after Shinatama.

  • Technically, Konoko has already gone rogue (major insubordination), so she doesn't care too much about the TCTF label any more.
  • She expects no backup, so she may want to opt for a less flashy uniform for night-time infiltration
  • She may just want to dig out her coolest gear when it comes to saving her friend.

In order to get that appearance

  • export the following textures from a level that has Black Ops Swats (to image files) :
    • Iteration002/TCthighR.TXMP
    • Iteration002/TCcalfR.TXMP
    • Iteration002/TCfootR.TXMP
    • Iteration002/TCmid.TXMP
    • Iteration002/TCneck.TXMP
    • Iteration002/TCshoulderL.TXMP
    • Iteration002/TCbicepsR.TXMP
    • Iteration002/TCwristR.TXMP
    • Iteration002/TCfist.TXMP
    • Iteration002/TCshoulderR.TXMP
  • use them to replace Konoko's textures, with the following correspondence :
Original TXMP Replacing image

Filling in...

In level10_Final, you have the choice :

  • either replace the TXMPs as described just above
  • or replace those of the Lion Ops (thus turning them into Black Ops), and use a TRMA.

Correspondence table and TRMA downloads coming soon...

Evil Konoko


It has been pointed out that it would make sense for Evil Konoko to wear a TCTF outfit, rather than the same suit as Rogue Konoko.

On PC, you can do that with the "chr_set_class" command. No can do for Mac, sorry.

Use this file as a replacement of the original IGMD\dream_lab_logic.bsl.

Just compare with the original to see what I changed. ("room2_copy", not "room2", is the right name for the trigger volume)

Black Ops Evil Konoko
In addition to the above script, patch the TRMA "Black Ops Konoko" TRMA
Again, for Mac, no can do (except edit Character.BINA, but that's another story)