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Prior to the release of the AE Installer 2, new versions of the Installer were distributed with new releases of the AE itself. Since the Installer can now update itself, its updates are no longer tied to AE releases. Therefore, all AEI updates from v2.00 onward are documented below, whereas the Installer's previous update history is a part of the AE change log.


released 2017.10.30

  • Improved dialog that warns user of mod incompatibilities.


released 2017.10.22

  • BSL file installation order was updated to avoid overwriting of optional mods by core mods and to follow the same low-to-high mod number precedence as .oni files.


released 2017.10.16

  • Improved logging for both Installer and Updater.


released 2016.03.17

  • Support request emails now have "sent" timestamp.


released 2016.03.15

  • Adjustments to logging.
  • Compatibility tweak for OpenJDK on Macs.


released 2015.06.28

  • Installation.log now contains a bit more information.


released 2015.05.31

  • Added Russian localization.


released 2015.04.07

  • Fixes for mod package plain/ directory feature added in 2.19.


released 2015.03.28

  • Tool packages can now overwrite existing files when being installed.
  • Better handling of Mac applications.
  • Download window is now properly centered.


released 2015.03.23

  • Support request emails now include the sizes of files in filelist.txt.
  • Launching Oni from the AEI on the Mac now respects launch_args.txt.
  • Plus sign in path to Oni should no longer break anything.
  • Mod packages can now use the plain/ directory like tool packages, though only to place files in GameDataFolder/ (allows movie packages).


released 2014.03.29

  • Mods>Show core packages now called Mods>About core packages.
  • Support request emails now include daodan.ini.


released 2014.02.04


released 2013.06.24

  • Moved "Help" menu item ("?" button on Macs) to Help>View online help.
  • New Help>Request help... menu item will email AEI logs to members of AE Support mailing list.
  • Mods>Check for updates now properly re-checks Depot for updated mods.


released 2013.06.03

  • Restored a previous version's treatment of newlines in Depot descriptions so that lines are not bunched together.


released 2013.05.20

  • Added startup tips window to address common problems reported by users.
  • F5 added as shortcut for Mods>Rescan local packages.
  • Fixed bug where Settings window would not close.


released 2013.05.14

  • Fixed startup crash caused by >1TB of free HD space.


released 2013.05.09

  • Bug fixes for Settings dialog and "Rescan local packages".


released 2013.05.08

  • Added "Mods>Rescan local packages" menu item.
  • Now optionally notifies user about new mods on Depot at launch.


released 2013.05.03

  • Now supports use of Internet proxy in user's connection.
  • Uses new Depot cache format.


released 2013.05.02

  • Any text field in mod description panel can now be copied to clipboard.


released 2013.04.30

  • Localization now supports all UTF-8 characters.


released 2013.04.13

  • Better text-wrapping in mod description panel.
  • Description field now uses full width of mod description panel.
  • Help (?) button added on Macs to make up for lack of menu item.


released 2013.04.12

  • Now tracks what files come in a tool/patch package so it can remove files that were renamed from the previous version of a package when performing an update.
  • No longer replaces all core tool packages on each launch, but makes note in log if the user has changed/replaced any of the files.
  • Added "Clear filter" button and "Show only: Installed" filter.
  • Added "Help" menu item (doesn't appear on Mac yet).
  • Added "Copy currently installed mods to clipboard" menu item.
  • Fixed bug where loading mod selection XML didn't update "Size of files to download".
  • Only remakes level files that are affected by newly-installed and -uninstalled mods.
  • Now warns user to hit Install after Initialization and before running Oni for the first time.
  • Fixed bug with install button not working if the IncompatibleWith field in Mod_Info.cfg had an invalid number.


released 2013.04.03

  • Fixed potential race condition.


released 2013.04.02
Initial release as part of AE7.