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v0 Anniversary Edition Absolute Zero

released 2007.11.28

Initial release of original, script-based AE (.bat on Windows, .sh on Mac).

First attempt at making a separate GameDataFolder for the AE. On Mac, original GDF contents were moved to GameDataFolderZero on Mac due to GDF-remembering feature in OmniGroup Oni build.

Simply globalized ONCCs, TRAMs, and SNDDs using early version of OniSplit by Neo.

re-released 2007.11.30

  • Mainly fixes for Mac side.

re-released 2007.12.01

  • Fixes for Mac side.

v1 Anniversary Edition Much Beta

Much Beta 1

released 2007.12.22, re-released 2007.12.23

  • New characters and weapons added.
  • Konoko's moves unlocked from start.
  • Glass shard damage added.
  • Mini-Striker fix, Mac fixes.

Much Beta 2

released 2007.12.24

  • Bug fixes.
  • Knockdowns and blownups deal knockdowns to other characters (domino knockdowns).

Much Beta 3

released 2007.12.28

  • Bug fixes.

v2 Anniversary Edition Good Resolutions

released 2007.12.31

  • AI now dashes instead of running.
  • Custom menu background.

v3 Anniversary Edition Preview

released 2008.01.19, re-released 2008.01.21-2008.02.06

  • New characters.
  • Loser's TRAMs v1.00 included (smarter AI, invulnerability window tweaks...). Re-release included v1.01, but was still unstable because of inconsistent TRAM hacks.
  • Loser's weapon mods included (persistent shells, dodging zone tweaks...).

v4 Anniversary Edition Beta

released 2008.08.22, re-released 2008.08.23

  • Used Loser's fixed TRAM hacks (v1.02).

v5 Anniversary Edition v2009-07


released 2009.07.07

Initial release of a new AE with C-based GUI Installer and mod package system that allows mods to be enabled/disabled.


released 2009.07.09

  • Fixed Chapter 4 opening cutscene crash by removing DeLorean.
  • Fixed cutscene glitches by removing cutscene skipping.


released 2009.07.16

  • Fixed Chapter 3 SP2->SP3 cutscene crash by supplying ONLV in Globalize.
  • Restored fixed DeLorean in Chapter 4.
  • Updated Installer to 1.0.1 (fixed install order bug, tweaked GUI).

v6 Anniversary Edition v2010-05


released 2010.05.31

  • Updated Installer to 1.1.
  • Added support for BSL mods.
  • Added automatic installation of updates.
  • Updated package format to 1.1.
  • Added optional Platform flag for mods ("Macintosh", "Windows", "Both").
  • Packages now hold their .oni files in oni/levelX_Final/, not oni/levelX_Final/levelX_Final/.
  • ModString flag ("ModName x.y") replaced by ModVersion ("x.y").
  • Removed segregation of level0_Final/ folder (level0_Characters/, etc.) to simplify exporting of data.
  • De-globalized level textures to aid future level texture modding.
  • Added packages Blood Effects, Dash Blur, Severed Textures, HD Screens, and HD Training textures.
  • Bundled with OniSplit version 0.9.50.
  • Widescreen fixes for:
  • Ch. 2 (Musashi) - opening cutscene camera no longer goes through a wall in first shot.
  • Ch. 11 (Dream Lab) - photos no longer appear prematurely on edges of screen (however, installation of OBANs is bugged so the photos go missing completely instead...).


released 2010.06.01

  • Fixed newline bug that was preventing some packages from updating.

v7 Anniversary Edition Seven

released 2013.04.02

  • AE folder is now called "AE/", not "Edition/".
  • Updated Anniversary Edition Installer (AEI) to 2.0.
    • Complete rewrite in Java.
    • BSL mods finally handled correctly for both Yes and Addon flags.
    • Now reads Oni Mod Depot directly and presents categorized mods and modding tools for user to download and install.
    • Automatically detects available updates for self and for mods.
    • Further updates to the AEI are logged HERE since they are separate from the release of AE7.
  • Updated package protocol to 2.0.
    • New optional DependsOn and IncompatibleWith flags for AEI to work with.
    • Modding tools now come in packages (using the new "plain/" subdirectory for non-BSL, non-.oni files).
    • Patches to .oni files in form of XML patches now supported (using the new "patches/" subdirectory).
    • Packages now support both platforms at once; under level of "oni/" ("bsl/", etc.), modder uses "common/", "mac_only/" and "win_only/" sub-directories.
  • No more bundled mods -- Installer downloads core (required) mods and modding tools upon first launch.
    • Core packages now only consist of uncontroversial tweaks and fixes.
    • Mods that were formerly bundled now available through AEI as optional packages.
  • XmlTools by s10k now a core tool alongside OniSplit to enable XML patching.