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Oni has three kinds of shields that can be applied to a character, plus one special effect, the chenille. It can get a bit confusing to keep track of them, so this article is meant to keep things straight.

Force shield

Force shield.png

Blue color. This is a powerup you can pick up or give to someone via BSL function chr_givepowerup. Some enemies spawn with one. The wearer takes no damage from weapons until the force shield has been totally exhausted by absorbing damage.

Boss shield

Boss shield.png

Red color which only appears when body parts are struck with a weapon (can be hard to see). Applied with BSL function chr_boss_shield. Reduces damage from weapons but not melee. The damage reduction factor is set in ONCC's <BossShieldProtectAmount> field. The only characters in vanilla Oni who are given a boss shield are Barabas (2nd fight at TCTF HQ), Mukade, Muro (2nd fight at Mountain Compound) and Mutant Muro. For Barabas and Mukade the damage reduction factor is 50%, for Muro it's 75%, and for Mutant Muro it's 85%. For all other characters in the game, it's 50%.


HasSupershield 1.png

Applied to a character using the <HasSupershield> flag in ONCC (a tutorial for doing this is HERE). A supershielded character will be totally immune to weapons. In vanilla Oni it is only used by Mutant Muro. When a character has a supershield:

  • It is visible as a faint red shield (unless you have a force shield and are not in overpower mode, in which case the blue force shield takes visual precedence). The other visual effects that surround Mutant Muro are his Daodan aura, not part of his supershield.
  • When impacted by a melee attack, a "zap" sound plays and a sizzling orange flare effect is spawned at the point of impact.
  • They are invulnerable to weapons and melee (except for throws; Mutant Muro is not throwable because he also has the <CantTouchThis> flag).
  • It requires the ONCC flag <HasDaodanPowers> and over 50% overpower to be enabled. The code manually massages Mutant Muro's "super amount" in order to raise and lower his shield; as a player, if you have added the <HasSupershield> flag to your character, you are responsible for maintaining your overpower state at a sufficient level (see the tip under "Chenille" below).
  • A TRAM can have a flag that clears the supershield, which is why some of Mutant Muro's attacks remove his shield.


Daodan Punch.png

Activated with the "chenille" cheat code. You will see the Daodan aura if a character has one (true for Konoko, who glows blue, Muro who glows red, and Mutant Muro who has orbs and rising waves around him). Oddly, the cheat says "Daodan Power Enabled" when used, but this is not Daodan overpower mode, which does extra melee damage. What this cheat will do for you is grant you a boss shield. It will also permanently activate the supershield if the character has the <HasSupershield> flag.

The Daodan glow alone can be activated with BSL function chr_super without triggering a shield or overpower mode.

Actual Daodan overpower mode can only be achieved with the use of hypos to overheal, but note that the potential for Daodan overpower mode must be set with the <HasDaodanPowers> flag in ONCC for this to be possible.