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If you're not familiar with wikis, see OniGalore:About. If you're not confident about editing a wiki, see Help:Editing.

Here are some ongoing projects, and ideas for projects, on the wiki. Whatever in this list looks interesting to you, feel free to tackle it, even if you only have a little time here and there. However, if you are leaving a project half-done until you can resume it, please note this under the item in the list. Thanks for whatever you can do to contribute.

General wiki work

  • Look at Category:Flagged articles and see if there's anything you can help out with. There are a number of articles which need to be updated or finished, including ones about characters and settings in Oni.
  • Just browse Special:Wantedpages and pick an interesting topic to write about! There are many interesting parts of Oni's world which do not have a dedicated article yet.

PlayStation 2 port

Let's expand on the documentation of the PS2 version, including how it differs from Win/Mac Oni. Besides gameplay or content differences, we might also want to check the game data for unexpected resources. First we'll probably need an OBD:PS2 page for documenting the data format, since it has changed a bit from the PC version.

Angel Studios sequel

If you have some hacking skills, please look at Talk:Oni 2 (Angel Studios) and OBD:Oni2AS to see if you can answer any outstanding questions or contribute new information.

BSL documentation

The revamp of the BSL docs that was originally laid out in this section is on hold because the system we were using is too rickety and hacked together. The proper approach to interlinked pages that read from the same central pool of data is the Semantic MediaWiki extension, so we'll focus on implementing that at some point in the future.

Oni 2 and beyond...

Some fans use the wiki to write sequels, prequels, interquels (what may have happened to Konoko in the time gaps between the original chapters, e.g., between Chapter 12 and Chapter 13) or even paraquels (e.g., what was happening on the Syndicate side during Oni?). You can then list your work HERE. Just be aware of the rights issues surrounding fan fiction posted on the Internet. Also, plagiarism is not nice, but "Oni 2" can still be influenced by anime/cyberpunk/other references. See HERE to review the influences so far, elaborate on them some more, or point out new ones.