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Just looking for a place to store this quote of Lorraine's from the original OCF, on the subject of who drew what, exactly:

"In some way, almost everyone at Bungie who really cares gets involved. Besides doing all the marketing art, for example, I also helped with one of the reworks on the story. Most of the in-game 'communication' stills like the ones you've seen in the clips were originally pencilled by Alex Okita. Bungie West contracted the coloring to Ben Nunez (If you're part of the anime/manga fandom ;) you might actually know who he is.) I went in and touched up both their work, added backgrounds and made a few face panels from scratch. Shi Kai Wang even helped out at the end to get the whole thing finished. I did the art you'll see as you finish a level and when you botch a level. In a couple of cases I merely went over Okita's lines and colored the image, I reworked or redrew the rest (except for the "world in my hand" where Okita did the world and the hand. ;) I'm not tellin whose hand!)

mehve " --Iritscen 18:21, 3 September 2009 (UTC)