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Hello, I'm an Oni modder and a sysop on this wiki. My personal web site with mostly Oni-related material is HERE.

Regular Sysop Tasks

My Userspace's Subpages

/vector.css, /vector.js
personal customizations to Vector's CSS
my plan for a BGI level
the central plan for categorizing the wiki's pages
a dirty trick to clean up the "Orphaned pages" list
demonstration of the incomplete hover table feature
a project to verify the accuracy of MediaWiki's article counts
/TestSpace, /TestSpace2, /TestSpace.js
for testing whatever's new to the wiki or to me
for keeping track of notable features in newer MW versions
keeps track of customizations to our MW installation

Wiki Stats

Current Version: 1.39.6
Site Name: OniGalore
Number of users: 73
Number of admins: 3
Number of edits: 42,689