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For the history of the Mac builds of Oni, see here. For information on the patches to Windows Oni and other Mac versions of Oni, see the Patches category.

Starting in 2011, Feral Interactive began releasing new builds of the Oni application for Intel Macs. The main purpose of these builds was simply maintenance; all previous versions of the game application were built for PowerPC-based Macs (see first link above), so an Intel-native build was needed for modern Intel-based Macs. However, the builds from Feral also include a number of improvements, including some that fans first made to the Omni Group PPC build using hex editing (see second link above), some changes that were requested by fans, and some patches that were first made to Windows Oni (see third link above).


If you have installed the Anniversary Edition, then you will already have the latest build of Oni, but here are direct download links that do not require the AE. When the latest Oni build is installed through the AE, the higher-quality intro/outro movies are in a separate optional mod package, but in the direct download below they are bundled inside Oni.app and will be moved into the GDF when Oni is first launched, hence the size of the application.

Download and unzip the file linked to below, then follow the instructions in the read-me for getting the app to run, and then place the Oni application into your retail installation of Oni.

  • Oni 1.2.1 (for macOS 10.7–10.14) -- Released Dec. 2015

(An archived release of Oni 1.1.1 is available for macOS 10.6.)

Known issues

  • The app is unsigned, so you must follow the instructions in the read-me to get Oni to run properly.
  • Input is sometimes momentarily dropped (a mouse click is ignored, or a button being held down is let up for a moment).
  • Sound effects occasionally drop.
  • Foreign characters found in some localizations of the game's text will not display.
  • Movie-playing doesn't work below macOS 10.9.
  • After quitting Oni, sometimes the mouse cursor is frozen in the middle of the screen until you click once.

Changes from Bungie build

Below we list the changes as of Oni 1.2.1 that have been made to the game application since the original release of Oni in 2001, and whether these changes have also been made in Windows.


Cheats added to Oni: bigbadboss, bulletproof, kangaroo, marypoppins, shinobi
("shinobi" works differently than in Windows, and makes the game easier by
deafening the AI and reducing their vision range)
Added in Windows by Daodan DLL
Cheats can be bound to keys in key_config.txt Enabled in Windows through Daodan DLL
Cheats can be entered on the Pause screen even when Oni has not been beaten yet Enabled in Windows through Daodan DLL
Command-Q now quits Oni from the Main Menu Mac-specific key shortcut
Developer Mode can be activated by entering "thedayismine" or simply "x" on the Pause screen Enabled in Windows through Daodan DLL
Developer Mode hotkeys Ctrl-Shift-I, -O, -R, -S, and -T now work Not available in Windows
Options screen can be accessed from Main Menu while game is in progress Allowed in Windows through Daodan DLL
Resolution setting that is unattainable on current monitor or in windowed mode will be dynamically corrected Not performed in Windows
Scroll wheel can be used to scroll in Load Game dialog and to set player's movement speed (requires -scrollrun launch argument) Not available in Windows


Mac Oni should now have parity with Windows Oni's BSL; any command available in Windows Oni should work on Macs too. You may place a file called bsl_config.txt next to Oni, containing newline-separated scripting commands, and Oni will run them upon loading a level. Additional changes to BSL are listed below.

"am_show_texturename", when set to 1, names the texture at which you are pointing a loaded weapon Not available in Windows
"chr_location" now accepts either the AI index number or the AI's name Windows Oni only takes an index number
"chr_show_weaponid", when set to 1, displays the name of the weapon you just equipped Not available in Windows
"env_highlight_gq" now works Always worked in Windows
"global" folder in IGMD/ can now contain BSL scripts that augment the BSL scripting for the active level Always worked in Windows
"mouse_acceleration" can be set to a floating-point number between 0.1 and 1.0 to set the mouse speed Not available in Windows
"p3_show_env_collision" now works Always worked in Windows
"show_sound_all", "show_sound_rectangles", "show_sound_spheres", and "sound_show_occlusions" now work Do not work in Windows
"show_triggervolumes", when set to 1, displays the bounding boxes of trigger volumes (or press Ctrl-Shift-X) Added in Windows by Daodan DLL
"sound_show_debug", when set to 1, now also shows the spheres around objects that generate noises HUD works in Windows, but spheres are not drawn
"wp_fadetime" now works Fixed for Windows by Daodan DLL

Bug fixes

AI dodging of weapon projectiles fixed Fixed for Windows by Daodan DLL
AIs no longer tend to forget about player when line of sight to player is lost Fixed for Windows by Daodan DLL
Developer Mode console now visible in higher resolutions Fixed for Windows by Daodan DLL
Lens flares no longer shine through objects Not fixed in Windows
Level file sets that have a .dat but are missing a .raw or .sep will no longer crash Oni Not fixed in Windows
"moonshadow" no longer causes graphical glitch in right HUD Not fixed in Windows
Particle class limit made consistent (was 1024 in one place and 2048 in another),
preventing mods from crashing Oni with too many particle classes
Not fixed in Windows
Splashscreens larger than Oni's current resolution will no longer be drawn as solid black Fixed for Windows by Daodan DLL
Textures that are referenced but missing will no longer crash Oni Not fixed in Windows
Weapon cooldown exploit fixed Fixed for Windows by Daodan DLL
Widescreen resolutions no longer stretch character portraits and sprite textures Only portrait stretching fixed for Windows by Daodan DLL

Launch arguments

Besides Oni's standard launch arguments, the following arguments have been added. There are no equivalents for any of these features in Windows Oni and the Daodan DLL. A file named launch_args.txt can be placed next to Oni, containing arguments from the list below, and these will be supplied to Oni at launch time. Launch arguments can also be supplied by holding Command while launching Oni to bring up the GUI launch panel.

-af2x, -af4x, -afmax, -tri Anisotropic filtering (-tri turns AF off, which is the default setting)
-debugdisplay Prints messages to Console that can help diagnose display/windowing issues
-display[1-9] Chooses monitor on which to display Oni
-fsaa2x, -fsaa4x, -fsaamax Full-screen anti-aliasing
-nosparkle Disables Sparkle auto-update framework
-novideos Disables playing of intro and outro movies
-parkour AI will jump over obstacles to reach player (experimental)
-scrollrun Mouse scroll wheel can be used to lock movement speed to walking, running, or dashing
-vsync Turns on vertical synchronization (tends to be automatically turned on in recent versions of macOS)
-wintop, -winbottom, -winleft, -winright In windowed mode (-noswitch), places window against chosen side of screen
-wsafety Binding a key to "weapon_safety" allows you to punch or kick by clicking the mouse while holding loaded weapon


Active character limit raised from 60 to 256 This now matches the limit in Windows Oni
Collision limit raised from 255 to 1024 Not raised in Windows
Level files maximum raised from 16 to 64 This now matches the limit in Windows Oni
Object sorting limit raised from 4K to 10K Not raised in Windows
Pathfinding grid cache size multiplied by 8x to avoid crashes in large third-party levels Performed in Windows by Daodan DLL
Texture type RGBA8888 added Performed in Windows by Daodan DLL
Texture maximum size increased from 256px to 1024px Daodan DLL raises the limit to 512px in Windows
Weapon diary page limit raised from 15 to 30 to allow weapon mods to add diary pages Not raised in Windows

Changes from The Omni Group build

The Omni Group's builds of Oni for PPC Macs from 2001 to 2003 introduced certain behaviors and bugs which were not present in Bungie's original PPC Mac build of Oni from 2001. Changes that the Feral build has made to Omni's version of the game, not Bungie's, are as follows:

  • Full-screen mode should now use Oni's gamma setting.
  • In-game music and looping sounds such as automatic weapons fire no longer continue playing while game is paused on Main Menu.
  • Greatly improved windowed mode behavior.
  • Expanded menu of display resolution choices.
  • Developer Mode console allows upper-case letters to be typed.