Fully Armed Konoko

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The standard version.
The full-body version.

During Oni's development, Lorraine Reyes drew a piece known by fans by various names such as "Torn Suit Konoko". Available versions of this image are discussed HERE, as well as Lorraine's regret in depicting Konoko in a more sexual way than she wanted the character to be seen. When Take-Two took ownership of the property and was going to advertise the finished product as well as design the box art, they seemed to feel the same way, as Jacen Burrows was brought in to redraw Konoko's bodysuit and armor whole and intact; this art was then used as the official box art of most of the game's releases, as seen HERE.

Jacen was also subsequently asked to add the rest of Konoko's figure to the image, as seen at right; Lorraine's original drawing never extended further down than the tops of her legs, and Take-Two apparently wanted a full-body shot of Konoko for use as a cardboard standup that could advertise the game in stores. In the end, a separate piece of art was also commissioned from Burrows in which Konoko did not carry any guns and was simply in a fighting stance, which was kid-safe enough to display in stores like Toys "R" Us.

At first, the Konoko in the standard "box art" version may look the same as in the full-length piece, but there are many small differences. In the box art version, the shoulder pads are small and squarish, and the handguards are clunkier. Certain elements like her trigger finger and the shotgun on her back are positioned slightly differently. Konoko's uniform is also lacking in highlights compared to the full-body version. Thus it seems likely that Burrows used his second take on this piece to bring Konoko's appearance in line with Lorraine's later variations of the design for Konoko (she once identified THIS as her "final" version of Konoko's design).