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A poster seen in Chapter 4.
A secret resource!

Hapémask (styled HAPéMASK) is a personal hygiene product, public service announcement and/or animated television show in the world of Oni which uses an animé cat in its advertisements. Judging from its appeal to children (and the depiction of children in this other mask advertisement), the WCG is conditioning citizens to accept the continual wearing of masks. This is despite the fact that Atmospheric Processors are supposed to filter the air in the cities. This indicates that the ACCs are unable to fully clean the air, possibly because the BioCrisis is apparently still getting worse.

Added value

When the unmasked version of the cat was found in the level0_Tools resources, it was promptly named Hapékat or Hapecat (presumably the first spelling is the exact transliteration from Japanese and the second is the spelling used by the English dub ;-).