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This is about the console class resource. For console instances, see OBD:BINA/OBJC/CONS.
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CONS : Console
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Cons all.gif

Offset Type Raw Hex Value Description
0x00 res_id 01 E7 02 00 743 00743-console0.CONS
0x04 lev_id 01 00 00 00 0 level 0
0x08 int32 00 00 00 00 0 flags; used values:
0x01 00 00 00 - alarm console
0x0C float CA 62 5F 3D 0.054537 action point x position
0x10 float 3C 9D 3B 41 11.725887 action point y position
0x14 float 22 93 4E 40 3.227730 action point z position
0x18 float 00 00 00 00 0.000000 orientation vector x component
0x1C float 00 00 00 00 0.000000 orientation vector y component
0x20 float 00 00 80 3F 1.000000 orientation vector z component
0x24 link 01 C5 02 00 709 link to 00709-.OFGA - console geometry
0x28 link 01 E0 02 00 736 link to 00736-.M3GM - console screen geometry
0x2C int32 00 80 01 00 ignored (originally as Screen GQ Flags)
0x30 char[32] NONE inactive console screen texture name
0x50 char[32] NONE active console screen texture name
0x70 char[32] NONE used console screen texture name
Console geometry
The geometry referenced here is not used to display the console during play, only the design tools display it. After a console is added to a level the geometry is baked into the environment.
The "alarm console" flag decides what autoprompt is displayed when the character is close to a console ("autoprompt_useconsole" or "autoprompt_usealarm").
Action point & orientation vector
These 2 are used to compute where the character should stay and what facing it should have to use the console. Both are in console coordinates.
Screen textures
The screen textures specified here are used only if CONS object has empty texture names.

CBPM << Other file types >> CRSA
CONS : Console
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