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OBLS instances were used to store information about light sources and were linked from furniture geometry and turrets. See the talk page for speculation on the intended use for this data.

Offset Type Raw Hex Value Description
0x00 int32 instance id
0x04 int32 file id
0x08 uint32 index
0x0C uint32 flags; used values:
0x40 00 00 00 - type: area
0x20 00 00 00 - type: linear
0x10 00 00 00 - type: point
0x00 01 00 00 - distribution: diffuse
0x00 02 00 00 - distribution: spot
0x10 float filter color - red component
0x14 float filter color - green component
0x18 float filter color - blue component
0x1C uint32 light intensity
0x20 float beam angle
0x24 float field angle

Tool dialog - Light Properties.png