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Oni Model Extractor (or OME) is a Java, GUI-based program allowing one to preview and extract character models, 3D objects, images, sounds and some animations in Oni's .dat files.


v 0.4

The detailed functions are as follows:

  • previews & exports SNDD (sound data) as .wav (The author says that it can also export as .aif, but that option is not available from the file type drop-down box when exporting. Anybody knows anything about this? -- wmjdgla)
  • previews & exports TXMP (texture maps) as .png
  • previews & exports M3GM (3D objects) & ONCC (3D character models) as 3DS Max files (without animations and smoothing groups) or COLLADA files (without animations)
  • previews TRAM (character animations) (I got an error when trying to preview this. From the readme, I suspect it's because I didn't "place JOGL JARs and native OS libraries to the lib/jogl directory". However the JOGL project has now been merged with GIT, and their website is rather user-unfriendly in the sense that I have no idea how and where to get the JARs and libraries in question. -- wmjdgla)


The current version is 0.65 and you can get it here (source included)


maybe implement exporting animations to COLLADA in some far future


10.11.2006 - the project started.

03.12.2006 - ok, I have made a little movement - it can now parse a dat.

16.12.2006 - well, now it is not enough time to deal with it. So, it is temporarily dead.

17.07.2007 - hmm, some movements have been made: i have rewritten some of OniTools' sources in Java. But what i got was not exactly what i was going to get: i found out, that OniTools have rather poor functionality in sense of viewing Oni multimedia data. I'll take a break for now, but some time later i'll return to grab some sources from OniBrowser.

23.11.2007 - so ... a year has already passed

now it can view/extract sounds

25.11.2007 - now it can view/extract images

16.12.2007 - today is saturday, and yesterday was friday; now it can view and extract 3d objects (M3GM)

17.12.2007 - found and fixed a bug: when extracting to 3ds textures were mapped upside-down; also replaced the table with the tree; also slightly modified url

25.12.2007 - oncc viewing/exporting implemented

28.01.2008 (27.01.2008's night) - extracting from M3GM to COLLADA implemented

28.01.2008 (evening) - extracting from ONCC to COLLADA implemented


Kuchumov Nikolay, grabbing sources from the whole community

The app is based a bit on OniTools by Ian Patterson, and mostly OniBrowser by Neo and this wiki site
And i also actively used OniUnPacker for debugging and a little research