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Following are transcriptions of Oni's credits from different sources, in roughly descending order by correctness. The PC (that is, Windows and Mac) outro movie seems to be most correct in terms of having the least typos, but the other credits contain additional names from the Rockstar/GOD staff.

PC outro credits

For easier reading, these credits has been alphabetized and consolidated by name HERE.

Project Lead
Michael Evans
Hamilton Chu
Design Lead
Hardy LeBel
Art Lead
Steve Abeyta
Sound & Music Lead
Marty O'Donnell
Testing Lead
Ryan Hylland
Engineering Lead
Michael Evans
Executive Producer
Alexander Seropian
Steve Abeyta
David Dunn
Chris Hughes
Chris Lee
Sean Turbitt
Alex Okita
Original Concept Art
Alex Okita
Additional Concept Art
Chris Hughes
Particle System Art
Alex Okita
Character Animation
Steve Abeyta
Cutscene Animation
Steve Abeyta
Character Modeling/Texturing
Chris Hughes
Object Modeling/Texturing
Chris Hughes
Alex Okita
Level Modeling
David Dunn
Sean Turbitt
Chris Hughes
Level Texturing
Chris Lee
Level Lighting
David Dunn
Chris Lee
2D Art
Lorraine Reyes
Ben Nunez
Alex Okita
Hardy LeBel
Joseph Staten
Michael Wu
Chris Porter
Kevin Armstrong
Chris Butcher
Michael Evans
Stefan Sinclair
Quinn Dunki
Brent Pease
AI Engineering
Chris Butcher
Particle Engineering
Chris Butcher
Character Animation Engineering
Michael Evans
UI Engineering
Kevin Armstrong
Sound Engineering
Kevin Armstrong
OpenGL Rendering
Stefan Sinclair
Jason Beach
Chris Chamberlain
Curtis Creamer
Ryan Hylland
Sean Kellogg
all of the Oni beta testers
Hardy LeBel
Hamilton Chu
David Dunn
Alex Gray
Original Music
Marty O'Donnell
Michael Salvatori
Power of Seven
Additional Sound Design
Tom Blakemore
Bryen Hensley
Michael Salvatori
Jay Weinland


Amanda Winn Lee
Pete Stacker
Anne Bowerman
Norm Woodel
Dr. Kerr
Bob O'Donnell
Kurt Naebig
George Adams
Super Ninja
Kevin Gudahl
Additional Voices
Hamilton "sir" Chu
Marty O'Donnell
Mickey O'Donnell
Joseph Staten
Doug Zartman
Cel Animation
AIC Co., Ltd.
Bungie Publishing
Diane Donohue
Max Hoberman
Alicia Hubert
David Joost
Peter Marks
Lorraine Reyes
Jim Ruiz
Matt Soell
Julie Starkel
Joseph Staten
Jenny Trisko
Allen Turner
Doug Zartman
Sidestep Pete
Take 2 / GOD Publishing
Sam Houser
Ryan Brant
Jamie Leece
Harry Miller
Barry Rutcowski
Mike Wilson

Special Thanks

Andrew Brownbill
Kevin Hoare
3dfx & Karen Gleitsmann
NVIDIA & Andy Hess
Jason Regier
Halo Team
Phoenix Team
Jason Jones
Shikai Wang
Rob McLees
Matt Gradwohl
Mayumi Nakamura
Masamune Shirow
Apple Computer
Sandy Chu
Tracy Campbell-LeBel
Sophia LeBel
Aaron Loeb
Amanda Campbell
Scott & Brenda Rogers
John & Ann Moser
Erika Hall
Josh Solomon and Sara Chang
Hugh Jass
Johnny Marlin
Kate Marlin
Nancy Shumovich
Joan LeBel
Hardy F. LeBel Sr.
Emil, Lonny & Kate
Mrs. B.
Susan Lusty
Nick "Dunn's Nemesis" Munteau
Thai Style
Muge Hughes
Sheila Hughes
Christine, Meridith, Jaci, and Jackson
Lach, Jen, Ev, Ben
Swetta Bhatt
Vincent Brisebois
Brendan Murray (jpmxy)
Ed Harp and Her Majesty
The Street Fighters
Thomas Andrew LeBel
Ben "Danlor" McBeen
Jen Hanner
Todd Reeder
Jayson "Jakartin" Mendoza

Uses Bink Video. Copyright (C) 1997-2000 by RAD Game Tools, Inc.


During game, Hit F1 then type cheat code.

cheat code #8: shapeshifter (let's you play as other characters by pressing F8 key)

mr. b's dance troupe


Hugh Jass

The armored trucks are labeled "Hugh Jass Trucking Lines".

Mrs. B.

A poster in CHAPTER 10 . CAT AND MOUSE announces "mr. b's dance troupe".

Windows manual differences

These credits are identical to the PC outro credits for Bungie, except for some typos and two additional credits sections, for Rockstar New York and Gathering of Developers.


Hardy LeBel's name is properly capitalized when he is credited as Design Lead and for Story, but under the Designers credits, it's Lebel. The following italicized names from the outro credits are also mis-spelled.

Special Thanks
Masamune Shiro
Christine, Meredith, Jaci and Jackson (this is the traditional spelling of the name, so it might in fact be the correct version)
Lach, Jen, Ev, ben
Ed Hary and Her Majesty

Not in PC outro

Rockstar New York

This section is identical to what is transcribed below from the PS2 manual for Executive Producer, Technical Producer, Producer, and Rockstar Production Team, except that also listed under the Production Team is Jeff Castaneda, with his name mis-spelled as "Casteneda".

Gathering of Developers

These credits are not found in the PS2 manual, nor in the PC or PS2 outro.

Mike Wilson
Harry Miller
Josh Galloway
Public Relations
Mike Wilson
Jeff Smith
Andrea Villareal
TSI Communications
Jim Bloom
David Eddings
Devin Winterbottom
Toni De Valdenebro
Greg Malphurs
Jenny Jemison
Doug Myres
Bill Nadalini
Scott Dudley
Damon Brown
Test Team
Rich Vos
Jason Birdwell
Shane Love
Jerrod Lai
Ben Donges

PS2 manual credits

The manual credits Rockstar New York and Rockstar Canada (renamed Rockstar Toronto in 2002) but not the original Bungie developers! (That is, except for Evans and Butcher under Special Thanks, and Lorraine Reyes for the cover art.) Following is the complete transcript.

Rockstar New York

Executive Producer
Sam Houser
Technical Producer
Gary J. Foreman
Jeremy Pope
Rockstar Production Team
Terry Donovan
Jamie Leece
Kevin Gill
Jennifer Kolbe
Jenefer Gross
Jamie King
Jung Kwak
Corey Wade
Amy Salzman
Chris Carro
Brian Wood
Adam Tedman
Paul Yeates
Stanton Sarjeant
Cover Art By
Lorraine Reyes
Back Manual Cover Art By
Jacen Burrows
Public Relations
Jeff Castaneda
Technical Coordinator
Brandon Rose
QA Manager
Jeff Rosa
Game Analyst
Adam Davidson
Test Team
Lance Willams
Richard Huie
Joe Greene
Neil McCaffrey
Mark Garone
Steve Robert

Rockstar Canada

Kevin Hoare
Lead Programmer
Andy Brownbill
Stephen Orr
Leigh McRae
Kevin Hoare
Paul Glinker
Art Director / Lead Aritst [sic]
Ray Larabie
3D Animation
Brian Shelton
Interface Art
Rebecca Ott
Data Optimization
Sergei Kuprejanov
Additional Programming / Special Thanks
Michael Evans
Chris Butcher
Test Team
Jay Penney
Zandro Chan
Arthur Chiang
Shane Anderson

PS2 outro differences

The outro credits consist of three sections. The first two sections are the credits transcribed above as "PS2 manual credits", but in reverse order: Rockstar Canada comes first and is followed by the Rockstar New York credits, except that in this outro they are referred to as Rockstar Games. The third section is called Bungie Software and contains the original PC Oni credits. The actual names within these sections are identical to the credits transcribed above, with the following exceptions.

Not in PS2 manual

Rockstar Canada

The following credits section is not listed in the manual. These two individuals probably are responsible for the new backing track composed for the PS2 credits sequence.

Additional Music
Steve Donohoe
Greg Dawson

Not in PS2 outro

Rockstar Games

The credits for Jamie Leece, Lorraine Reyes, and Jacen Burrows are not found in the outro (Jacen drew THESE art pieces; "Konoko Fierce" was used on the back of the PS2 manual).

Additionally, the credits sections from the PC outro called "Bungie Publishing", "Take 2 / GOD Publishing", "Special Thanks", and the "Cheat Codes Unlocked" message are omitted. The PS2 outro ends with the credit for Cel Animation.


Rockstar Games

Rockstar Production Team
Stanton Sargeant
Public Relations
Jeff Cansteneda

Bungie Software

Hardy LeBel's last name is properly capitalized as Design Lead, but under the Designers and Story credits, it's Lebel.

Quinn Dunid (!)
Ryan Holland

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