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For a list of people who worked on Oni, see Credits.

This is a list of all known companies involved with Oni. Some of these rights may have lapsed since Oni's release in Jan. 2001, so in one column we list the rights as of that time, then we give the current status of those rights, to the best of our knowledge. Since the distributors of the Windows and Mac versions are no longer selling Oni on their online store, fans should look for second-hand copies on sites such as Amazon and eBay.

Company Rights (release) Rights (now)
Bungie, Inc. IP rights (until June 2000) None (legacy page maintained here)
Take-Two Interactive IP rights (starting June 2000) IP rights
Gathering of Developers * Windows Current under 2K Games? (not selling Oni on their website)
Rockstar Games PlayStation 2 Current; sold here
MacSoft Mac version (North America) Unknown (company has closed)
Feral Interactive Mac version (outside North America) Unknown (listed under Support but not sold on their website)
Buka Entertainment Windows (Russian) Current? (Oni is listed but not sold on their website)
Bungie, Inc. Windows and Mac OS versions None
Rockstar Canada (now Rockstar Toronto) PlayStation 2 port Rockstar is owned by Take-Two
The Omni Group Maintaining PPC macOS build Unknown
Feral Interactive None Maintaining Intel macOS build

*Gathering had been owned by Take-Two since May 2000, and was merged into 2K Games in 2004 or 2005 when 2K was created as a label.
Rockstar has been owned by Take-Two since 1998 when T2 bought Rockstar's parent company BMG Interactive. Even though Rockstar is only listed as the PS2 publisher in many places, and Gathering was supposed to be the Windows publisher, most PC boxes only have the Rockstar logo on it and not Gathering's (with the exception of the US box).
MacSoft was owned by Destineer, which seems to have closed in 2011.