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Strikers are the primary assault force of the criminal Syndicate. Like all members of the Syndicate, Strikers come in three colors: Green/Tan, Blue, and Red. The facial models of individual Strikers also vary widely, but it is the color that differentiates their level of power. Strikers are formidable combatants, and are therefore used primarily in large groups, typically at least four. They may or may not be members of the group to which Muro intended to offer Daodan Chrysalises.


Their taunts include: "You lose!", "I'll finish you!"


Striker Slam, Headbutt dash.

Variations between colors


Green Strikers, or Grunt Strikers, are the lowest rank of Strikers. Though they are weak individually, Grunt Strikers often appear in numbers, augmenting their limited fighting and shooting skills.


Blue Strikers, or Hoplite Strikers, are the middle rank of Strikers. Hoplites are often deployed in support of weaker Syndicate troops. Hoplites earned their nickname through their flashy fighting style; they will often favor combat maneuvers that leave them vulnerable but can score high damage hits on their opponents.


Red Strikers, or Hussar Strikers, are the highest-ranked Strikers. Hussars are the most powerful class of Strikers and only appear on missions of the utmost importance. They are suspected to have undergone extensive physical modification and wear heavily armored uniforms.


Strikers were the only characters to have a mini-me appearance in-game. This occurred in Chapter 11.