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Cops are the regular TCTF security forces, without the armor and combat abilities of the troopers.

Male cops

Male cops.jpg

They come in four varieties.

Notable appearance
The male cop with golden epaulets, clearly of a higher rank, is seen talking to Griffin in cutscenes while they are monitoring Konoko, and before Konoko crashes through the roof in CHAPTER 13 . PHOENIX RISING. He is named "Scientist" in the subtitles, indicating that he may have been been promoted over fellow TCTF scientists, making him more of a civilian commander than a member of the standard security forces.

They all share the generic male TRAC (move set). They have same heavy punch as Comm Trooper, but no super moves.

Female cops

Female cops.jpg

They come in only 2 varieties, brown-haired and black-haired. The brown-haired model is used for the character of Karen, but due to limited variety it is utilized throughout the game, sometimes more than once in a level.

Notable appearances
Karen appears in CHAPTER 00 . COMBAT TRAINING fighting the droids.
In CHAPTER 06 . COUNTERATTACK, several different female cops will give Konoko a hypo or ammo if rescued from Syndicate attackers.
In CHAPTER 07 . A FRIEND IN NEED, one gives Konoko a phase projector weapon, which is the first time that weapon is encountered in game.
In CHAPTER 13 . PHOENIX RISING, they appear as enemies along with TCTF troopers.
In CHAPTER 02 . ENGINES OF EVIL, Konoko wears the same "commander" outfit that is discussed in the "Male cops" section above.

Although female cops share Konoko's TRAC (move set), they don't use all of Konoko's combos and throws when they fight due to a different melee profile. They also don't have taunts or super moves.