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Konoko goes through some basic training (as a tutorial for the player). She receives messages via a neural link with Shinatama, an SLD at the TCTF.

Added Value

It's been suggested that combat training programs such as this one, beta 6, are actually in a virtual space. No such technology is mentioned as being part of Oni's world of the future, but consider these points:

  1. How did Konoko get into that first room? The training complex is an enclosed space. For a game that takes architecture so seriously, a door to enter the level is an odd thing to leave out.
  2. Konoko advances two rooms, when suddenly Karen is in the first room with two training droids. Man, that door must be really well hidden....
  3. The biggest tip-off is when Shinatama openly materializes weapons and ammo onto the desk in the last room (accompanied by a unique particle effect).

So either (a) the Oni devs were really lazy when designing this level and didn't care about where people and weapons came from, (b) scientists have invented transporters by 2032, or (c) this is happening in Konoko's head via a cybernetic connection. As is consistent with Oni's understated plot, the player is left to draw his own conclusions.