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Blam! Oni crashed

I'd like to detail a few reasons for crashing here, and maybe include them on the front page later.

Movie buffer

When you press start_record, you can't record more than about 30 minutes of action (keyboard/mouse/cutscene1/cutscene2). Overflow of the movie buffer makes Oni crash.
Remember to press stop_record in due time (when you don't need recording anymore). In the latest OTA core, recording will stop automatically.

chr_focus or sc_focus

You can attempt to focus to a character that's well out of sight and not drawn (chr_draw_all_characters= 0), or you can be focusing on a character that's about to die (the real problem is with the bomber, because the other characters won't fade to corpses unless you look away). Both will make Oni crash.
Don't do any of that and you'll be fine. Special precautions must be taken when chr_focusing around... and you can cm_detach from a bomber.

Too many polygons

...or something like that : you can't draw too much stuff (environment, characters, particles) at the same time. The limit seems to be hardware-dependent.

Pathfinding nodes

One I stumbled upon recently :

ASrPath_Generate: overflowed AScMaxNodes (10240) trying to pathfind [54,49] - [54,216] on BNV 47 grid 57x466. ABORTING.

That's in level3_Final (lab) outside the main gates (where the TCTF vehicles are). There was a fight going on in the acid room, and AI were falling on the "wrong side" : next to the loading bay where Muro's van is. Even if all the doors of the level are open, there's no way they can get back onto the catwalks where the fight is. The problem is that they are somehow allowed to cross the main gates by the pathfinding engine (and then into the foyer, up the stairs and into the acid room). However, when they get to the gates, and try to cross, they're in trouble and so are you : Blam!

Don't let them pathfind from a BNV "outside" the lab (that includes the blown-up power station, Muro's van, the loading bay, and the ledge on the lowest floor of the acid room next to the loading bay) to the "inside" (or vice-versa, just to be on the safe side). Lock the doors that could let them think they can do it, e.g. the loading bay doors or the foyer doors, depending on where the action is.


Not sure what that is (maybe not a crash generator) but it doesn't look too pretty so...

P3rCreateDecal: decal size 2324 exceeds manual buffer size 2048

The size in excess of 2048 can vary : 2076, 3292...

BNV connections

I don't think they generate crashes, but since they can screw up pathfinding, and screwed-up pathfinding can make Oni crash...

PHrBuildGraph: detected superposed connections between BNVs 257 -> 255 and 255 -> 246, removing; details follow:
 FromBNV (257): [884.000000,135.000000,120.000000]-[1096.000000,165.000000,542.000000]
 CurBNV (255): [956.000000,81.000000,192.000000]-[1024.000000,165.000000,222.000000]
 ToBNV (246): [1024.000000,135.000000,192.000000]-[1060.000000,165.000000,222.000000]
*** problem connection (widths 16.000000, 16.000000) lies at [1024.000000,135.000000,207.000000]

That's in lab again, at the hidden from the foyer to the roof : 257 is the stairs, 255 is the roof, 246 is the doorsill.

More, later...

Basically, debugger.txt is a golden mine of information about what can go wrong at runtime. Please report more of those when you see them.

No sound

I've tried to play Oni for Windows in my Boot Camp partition, which is functionally identical to a Windows machine, and there's no sound. Why would that happen? The wiki doesn't address this issue at all. --Iritscen 17:38, 8 May 2008 (CEST)