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AE:Iron Demon Development (temp/sandbox)

An attemp to establish order in my head This is what I'm gathering of what I need to do Feel free to edit this


Consistency with Bungie's Iron Demon


Changes to be made to 17sec's model:

  • Body/Head/Eye
  • Narrower body
  • Tapered base of the wings/arm shields protrusion from body's sides
  • Details where the arms meet the body?
  • Taper the face to the eye
  • Taper the back of the body to a more rounded point
  • Narrower Dynamo/badonkadonk
  • A heat-seeking missile pod on the back, pointing upward
  • Grenade launcher (chin gunpod)
  • Arms
Will the barrels be detached to PAR3?
  • Move the arms back
  • Round the arms more - almost half-teardrop - and a little thinner
  • Feet
  • Blocky sole of foot is front half only. Needs a narrower claw-like heel, possibly part of calf rather than foot?
  • Foot shell sides same shape as foot's sides
  • Hoses behind the holes in the shinguards for the torches


  • color correction

References and Comparisons


Iron Demon in Battle.jpg Konoko runs from Iron Demon.jpg

Oni Faces.jpg

1999 Trailer ID fight.jpg Iron Demon new size.jpg

comparison of scale and textures, Bungie's with 17sec's model

Iron Demon forward old.jpg Iron Demon forward new.jpg

1999 Trailer ID fight.jpg ID new new size 2.jpg

observations of descrepancies, Bungie's with 127.5% scale, modified

ID Size.jpg


Second Oni Trailer

Final Nicification Checklist

  • No asymmetric quads
  • No bad normals / smoothing
  • Color correction


  • death anim will use knockdown_head and blownup AnimType
  • Idle/walking/turning/running/sprinting(when un-armed)?
  • Punch and kick TRAM will take care of emitting projectiles from the 3 "weapons"
  • Stomp. Maybe some shockwaves from the feet as well.
  • Aiming screens