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Below are any notable changes that we should look forward to, or watch out for, if upgrading MediaWiki (besides various security fixes). (Source)

Oldest LTS version of MediaWiki: 1.35 (supported through September 2023). (Source)

Current version on OniGalore: 1.33.3

You can browse each version of the MW code HERE.


I have checked the release notes through 1.33.4.

Nothing of interest changed from 1.33.3 to 1.33.4.


I have checked the release notes through 1.34.4.
  • Requires PHP 7.2.9+.
  • Special:Mute has been added as a quick way for users to block unwanted emails from other users originating from Special:EmailUser.
  • Special:NewSection has been created as a shortcut to creating a new section on a page.
  • $wgServer must now always be set in LocalSettings.php. This is most likely the case already for any wiki installed after 1.18. Older wikis may need to update their LocalSettings.php file.
  • $wgDiffEngine can be used to specify which difference engine to use. MediaWiki continues to default to automatically choosing the first of $wgExternalDiffEngine, wikidiff2, or php that is usable.
  • Added the MW_VERSION constant; global $wgVersion is soft deprecated.
  • Added $wgForceHTTPS, which makes the HTTP to HTTPS redirect be unconditional and suppresses various hacks needed to support mixed HTTP/HTTPS wikis.


I have checked the release notes through 1.35.3.
  • Support for PHP 7.2 has been dropped. 7.3.19+ required.
  • Totally new content storage schema, with no backward compatibility.
  • Special:EditPage, Special:PageHistory, Special:PageInfo, and Special:Purge have been created as shortcuts for each action. Special:EditPage/Foo redirects to title=foo&action=edit, with PageHistory, PageInfo, and Purge corresponding to action= history, info, and purge respectively.
  • $wgWatchlistExpiry — Off by default, but allow users to add pages to their watchlists for a limited period of time.
  • $wgSearchMatchRedirectPreference — This configuration setting controls whether users can set a new preference, search-match-redirect, which decides if search should redirect them to exact matches is available. By default, this is set to false, which maintains the previous behaviour without preference bloat.
  • $wgLegacyJavaScriptGlobals is off by default. This may affect various old JS code.
  • $wgLogos — This new configuration setting combines the now-deprecated $wgLogo and $wgLogoHD settings into a single, associative array. It provides support for a new key, 'wordmark', for setting a horizontal wordmark to show next to the graphical logo.


I have checked the release notes through 1.36.1.
  • Accounts with the 'bot' right no longer have pages automatically added to the watchlist when making API edits, regardless of their preferences.
  • The logo of MediaWiki has changed. This means that the "Powered By MediaWiki" button shown in the skin footer will be different.
  • All HTML5 named entities are now accepted in wikitext.
  • The file description page's alternate sizes now include 2048px.