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About me

full version of avatar here

General info
Nickname: Mai-X, Konoko
Real name: Cila ['saila]
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Orientation: Ficto
Biological info
Diseases: Epileptic seizures
Last time occurred: 08.12.2023
Personal info
Preferences: Acting, Music, 3D-modelling, Archiving data, Digitizing analog audio/video
Occupation: InterMediA Studio (voiceover actress, camera crew)
Love: Scaramouche (from Genshin Impact)
Contact (e-mail):
Current Projects
Oni related: UT-stylized new Oni intro (Computer voice, not mine)
Personal: NaN
Work: NaN

Okay... it's true, that my name is Cila... really. Reads as ['saila] with a stress on first syllable.

Yeah... I have seizures... so, my main weakness is flashing light. And after our voiceovering session in InterMediA (at 17.12.2022) we had a "party"... with f**king strobes! Everyone were having fun... before my epileptic seizures occurred.
Ah... it's complicated... excessive emotionality, depression, nightmares... all that are consequences of epilepsy... whatever, seizures don't happen too frequently (usually when any conditions affect me), so I can live with them.

I have a private archiving system of 3 units in 3 independent places. I use it for my digitized copies of VHS/Beta/Video8/MiniDV videos, Compact Cassette audios and some old software (Lightscape, 3D Studio, BFW, MotionDV Studio, etc.). I've used it for storing diff... ah... whatever... forget what I said.

Feel free to discuss any of sections (via "Discussion" page, Discord DMs or e-mail).


13:25, 9 December 2023 (UTC)