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Who We Are

OniGalore is a wiki (a freely editable website) run by the Oni fan community. The software used by OniGalore is MediaWiki (the software that Wikipedia runs on). For an overview of how wikis work, see the Wiki article on Wikipedia. Note that the editing of OniGalore is currently limited to registered users, to prevent spam. If you request an account for yourself, you will need to wait for it to be approved before you can start editing.

How We Do Things

Unlike on Wikipedia, there are only a few general rules concerning style here; of course, we all love a nicely typeset and illustrated page, but it's not always clear how to achieve this. Mistakes can always be fixed/undone, but try to experiment in your user space and ask around if you're not sure.

Another issue is organization and updates. This is a small community and active editors of the wiki are typically involved in modding projects. This means the wiki may fail to keep track of a project that has been evolving fast or has been discontinued for some reason. Because we can't do everything at once.

How To Help

If you're interested in contributing to the wiki, then you should start by reading our Help page, which is essentially a short FAQ and then some links to further reading on Meta-Wiki. Then check out the Current events page for suggestions on where your help will be most valuable.

Cleaning up a messy area on the wiki typically requires good knowledge of the topic you're trying to document. If you don't feel competent, you can always try and nag someone knowledgeable into doing the job :-)

How To Customize OniGalore

You have a lot of control over the appearance of the wiki. You can start by looking through your preferences. Note the "Appearance" tab. Not only can you select an alternate skin here, but you'll notice red links for each skin called Custom CSS and Custom JavaScript. You can use those pages to create personal modifications to the appearance or behavior of that skin (these only work when you are logged in). Many examples can be found by looking at custom CSS/JS pages for OniGalore or Wikipedia users.