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Love to mod Oni and make stuff for players. Mostly I do binary hacking (favorite thing), onisplit (thanks to NEO) recombine, and extracting, editing XML, but I don't like scripting much (very seldom to see me posting a script) Love the game. I have this since my birthday when I'm at third grade. I was scared when I first play the game because I got killed by the worker in the Warehouse. Now I bust their @$$ and Muro. Its been 8 years and I still have the CD and the case. After a lot of playing in the game I am like unbeatable!!

Character gameplay moves mastered:

  • Elite Striker,
  • Tanker,
  • Furies,
  • Konoko,
  • Muro,
  • Barabus,
  • Ninja (Mukade),
  • Mutant Muro
  • TCTF Swats

Character gameplay moves in training:

  • TCTF lite comguy,
  • Strikers,
  • Workers :)

Sucessful things done A+  :)

  • Plasma Rifle Model,
  • My own TRAM hack,
  • Making new character using availiable TXMP
  • Scarab gun. shotgun, and other new weapons
  • Importing cars
  • Swapping bones and parts in characters for more custom chars

Things that could be better C  :(

  • Nothing

Things FAILED F- :'(

  • Scripting a BSL (That's an EPIC Fail)

Things will do:

  • Even more and more characters, and even more weapons.

ScreenShots>> Go to this link (dead link)
My downloads>> (dead link)
Most downloads are NOW availiable at

-Things RELEASED! (Please note that from now on I will be releasing mods in

  • Nothing so far

-Things about to be RELEASE!!

  • Nothing so far

-Things doing>> Make characters, videos, and play Oni

Things to remember when making Parent -> Child

  • Pelvis -> Right/Left Thigh -> Right/Left Calf -> Right/Left foot
  • Pelvis -> Mid -> Chest -> Neck
  • Neck -> Head
  • Neck -> Left/Right Shoulder -> Left/Right Bicep -> Left/Right Wrist -> Left/Right Fist