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'''Present global trends'''
'''Present global trends'''

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Present global trends

reaching of global capacity's limits

  • population growth
  • resource exhaustion
  • ecological destruction

networking and standardizing

  • worldwide transport systems
  • worldwide communication systems
  • worldwide trade in goods services
  • worldwide standardizing of everyday life's structure
  • worldwide standardizing of science, research, and education

global trends of polarizations

  • economic polarization between "north and south"
  • ideological, religious polarizations, e.g. between Islam and other world views
  • emigration and immigration countries
acceleration of changes
  • scientific knowledge and technical development
  • social values and behaviour pattern
  • forms of consumption
  • increase of new perceptions and experiences which cannot integrate into the old world view

dissolving trends

  • pre-industrial societies develop to industrial societies
  • military blocks
  • ruin of traditional social subsystems inside of industrial societies
  • individualization in industrial society's everyday life
  • ruin of social values in benefit of individual values

Possible expectancies about the future

salvation expectancies

  • technical progress
  • change in awareness

expectancies of control and stabilization

  • world becomes calculable
  • control of social systems
  • stabilization of existing systems

surprise expectancies

  •  ?

treats expectancies

  • ruin of a society
  • a society becomes threatened
  • downfall of moral and ethics
  • ecological destruction
  • resource exhaustion

evolution expectancies

  • development step of human possibilities
  • divine plan's execution