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TRGE : Trigger Emitter
XML modding tips
  • See HERE to start learning about XML modding.
  • See HERE if you are searching for information on how to handle object coordinates.
  • See HERE for some typical modding errors and their causes.

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general information

  • The xml code on this page is compatible with onisplit v0.9.61.0
  • TRGE is stored globally (in AE/AEInstaller/vanilla/level0_Final.dat)
  • vanilla Oni has only one file of that type: TRGEtrigger_emitter_0
  • the game crashs if you try to put a TRGEtrigger_emitter_0 clone into an AE package
  • choose another file name if you want a different TRGE, then create a new TRIG and use your TRGE in the <Emitter> tag, finally modify <Class> tag of BINACJBOTrigger

file structure

Changed TRGE mesh.png
test: replaced mesh
(screamer warhead)
  +-- M3GE
        +-- PNTA <Points>
        +-- VCRA <VertexNormals>
        +-- VCRA <FaceNormals>
        +-- TXCA <TextureCoordinates>
        +-- IDXA <TriangleStrips>
        +-- IDXA <FaceNormalIndices>
        +-- TXMP <Texture> (link to external file)

XML tags

<Position> - x y z position of the emitter in connection to the M3GM
<Direction> - x y z value of the normal vector of the emitter
<Geometry> - link to baked in M3GM instance
<GunkFlags> - ?

embedded M3GM


You would need to cut TRGE instance so that only the M3GM and its connected instances remain and convert it to oni.

onisplit -extract:xml output_folder input_folder\TRGEfile.oni
onisplit -create output_folder input_folder\cutfile.xml

version hint:

onisplit v0.9.61.0 can extract M3GM only as obj
onisplit v0.9.41.0 can extract M3GM as obj or dae

Convert the M3GMfile.oni to obj:

onisplit -extract:obj output_folder input_folder\M3GMfile.oni


Are there some tags which make together the mesh but you basically need to know that you can replace that content with data from another M3GM.

You can create M3GM meshes from obj files.

onisplit -create:m3gm output_folder -tex:texture_file input_folder/weapon.obj
-tex is optional
The TXMP file must created separately (if needed).

Then you can convert the file to xml and replace the TRGE's old M3GM xml code.

Remember to change the links (#N) and instance IDs of the new data.