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TRGE : Trigger Emitter
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General information

  • The XML on this page is compatible with OniSplit v0.9.61.0.
  • TRGE is stored globally, in level0_Final.dat.
  • TRGE files hold the 3D models for laser triggers, however there's only one model used in all of Oni, TRGEtrigger_emitter_0.
  • The game crashes if you try to put a TRGEtrigger_emitter_0 file into an AE package to override the original.
  • Choose another file name if you want a different TRGE, create a new TRIG and name your TRGE in the <Emitter> tag, and then name your TRIG in the <Class> tag of the level's BINACJBOTrigger.

File structure

Changed TRGE mesh.png
test: replaced mesh
(screamer warhead)
  +-- M3GM
        +-- PNTA <Points>
        +-- VCRA <VertexNormals>
        +-- VCRA <FaceNormals>
        +-- TXCA <TextureCoordinates>
        +-- IDXA <TriangleStrips>
        +-- IDXA <FaceNormalIndices>
        +-- TXMP <Texture> (link to external file)

XML tags

<Position> - XYZ position of the emitter in connection to the M3GM
<Direction> - XYZ value of the normal vector of the emitter
<Geometry> - link to M3GM instance
<GunkFlags> - unused

Embedded M3GM


To extract the DAE of the trigger head, use:

onisplit -extract:xml output_folder input_folder\TRGEfile.oni


You will need to replace the M3GM content with data from another M3GM after running:

onisplit -create output_folder -tex:texture_file input.dae

("-tex" is optional; the TXMP file must created separately if needed.)

Then you can replace the TRGE's old M3GM data with the new M3GM's data. Remember to change the links (#N) and instance IDs of the new data.