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Warehouse Mod

Download directory

HERE (pay attention to the file sizes : it's over 30 megs...)

  • level0_Final.rar holds level0_Final.dat and level0_Final.raw : they go in your GameDataFolder (backup the originals)
  • OniLevel1a.rar holds level1_Final.dat and the level logic folder : the former goes in GameDataFolder (backup the original), the latter in GameDataFolder/IGMD, replacing the original EnvWarehouse folder (which you should backup too : rename it or move it away)
  • OniLevel1b.rar holds level1_Final.raw, which goes in GameDataFolder as well (backup the original)

Sorta change log

Adding text files to the download directory above some time, maybe...


Globally effective changes

  • Swapped run/dash anims for Strikers and Comguys (affects everyone except Thugs, Tankers, Ninjas, Elites and Mutant Muro)
  • Swapped particle tracks (flashier combos)
  • Striker front throw replaced with Comguy disarm (flashier, looks like a Fury throw)
  • Konoko's front kick throw replaced with stepping disarm (no crowd-clearing effect)
  • One of Konoko's running kick throws replaced with a Running Lariat
  • Something with the Sledgehammer Heel
  • Konoko's combos not unlocked
  • Other stuff


  • Relocated (hidden) datapad
  • Much healthier AI
  • Ninja particles for "Ninja Bots"
  • Thugs fight like Griffin
  • Other stuff


Completely rewritten level logic, surprise, surprise!

  • Scripted combo overrides for boss fight
  • Scripted weapon holstering for some AI
  • Locked doors (must seek alternate routes)
  • (Annoyingly) hard fights
  • Plenty ways to lose (e.g. warehouse manager can die...)
  • Controllable warehouse manager (nice, but buggy)
  • Other stuff

Warehouse Mod Too

probably cancelled, probably not, I have no time right now and I'm not a bot ^_^'

--Loser 06:32, 10 September 2007 (CEST)


Warehouse Mod Minus The Warehouse

Basically the global component of the Warehouse Mod above : get it HERE (11 MB)

(both files in the archive should go in GameDataFolder, backup the originals, yada yada)

Change log

Detailed change logs : DAT RAW

  • Unlocked all of Konoko's combos
  • "Pseudo-dashing" for Konoko, Strikers and Comguys (running TRAMS link to same resources as sprinting TRAMS)
    • All characters are affected except Thugs, Tankers, Ninjas, Elites and Mutant Muro
    • Player is also affected (i.e. Konoko pseudo-dashes instead of running)
    • Konoko's sliding is enabled for pseudo-dashing to avoid frustration ^^
  • Flashy particles for :
    • Dashing and "pseudo-dashing"
    • Spinning Sidekick (KONCOMcomb_k_k_k)
    • Triple-Hit Haymaker (KONCOMcomb_p_p_p)
    • Sledgehammer Heel (KONCOMcomb_p_p_k)
    • Crescent Kick (KONCOMcomb_k_k_kfw)
    • Twister Kicks (KONCOMlt_fw_kick/KONCOMrt_fw_kick)
    • Striker Triple Kick (STRCOMcomb_k_k_k)
    • Striker Triple Punch (STRCOMcomb_p_p_p)
    • Comguy Triple Punch (COMCOMcomb_p_p_p)
    • Comguy Double Kick (COMCOMcomb_k_k)
  • "Radio Saber!" alternates at random with "Static Fist!"
  • Muro's glows and trails are made framerate-friendlier (mercilessly trimmed)

And that's about it...