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IGMD is a subfolder of GameDataFolder, where the level logic is defined, chapter by chapter. If the contents of this folder are missing or corrupt, nothing interesting will ever happen :-)

If you think your folder has been corrupted, download a .zip file of the unmodified files for your platform: Windows, Mac.

Notes on this folder

  • The scripts in the subfolders of IGMD are plain-text files with the .bsl extension, written in BFW Scripting Language. See BSL for more information.
  • The level folder names are case-insensitive for Oni, so you can rename "EnvWarehouse" to "eNvwArEhOuSe" and you'll still be able to play Chapter 1.
  • The Mac and Windows scripts are almost identical, but there are minor differences in tctf_ii_cutscene.bsl and tctf2.bsl for the boss battle of Chapter 13, depicted HERE.
Aqua Dot-Red.png = needed to run Oni; Aqua Dot-Blue.png = unneeded files
Folder Chapter Location (as in Load Game dialog)
Aqua Dot-Blue.png global/ Loads for all levels
Aqua Dot-Red.png EnvWarehouse/ Two Chapters which share the same level data:
TCTF Training
Syndicate Warehouse
Aqua Dot-Red.png manplant/ 2: ENGINES OF EVIL Manufacturing Plant
Aqua Dot-Red.png lab/ 3: PUZZLE PIECES Bio-Research Lab
Aqua Dot-Red.png Airport/ 4: TIGER BY THE TAIL Airport Assault
Aqua Dot-Red.png Airport_III/ 5: HOT PURSUIT Airport Cargo Hangars
Aqua Dot-Red.png tctf/ 6: COUNTERATTACK TCTF Regional HQ
Aqua Dot-Red.png power/ 7: A FRIEND IN NEED Atmospheric Conversion Center (exterior)
Aqua Dot-Red.png power_II/ 8: AN INNOCENT LIFE Atmospheric Conversion Center (interior)
Aqua Dot-Red.png state/ 9: TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCES Regional State Building
Aqua Dot-Red.png roof/ 10: CAT AND MOUSE Rooftops
Aqua Dot-Red.png dream_lab/ 11: DREAM DIVER Doctor Hasegawa's Lab
Aqua Dot-Red.png neuro/ 12: SINS OF THE FATHER TCTF Science Prison
Aqua Dot-Red.png tctf_ii/ 13: PHOENIX RISING TCTF Regional HQ (redux)
Aqua Dot-Red.png compound/ 14: DAWN OF THE CHRYSALIS Syndicate Mountain Compound