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The Anniversary Edition Installer 2 (AEI2) can check for updates to mods/patches and offer to install them. But how does the AEI2 itself get updated? The answer is the AEI2 Updater (AEIU for short), which is a separate Java program. When the AEI2 launches, it checks a Subversion repository to see if an update to itself is available. If so, the user is prompted to install the update. The AEIU is then launched, which performs an 'svn update' on the AEI2's .jar and related files and then relaunches the AEI2. The AEIU has required a handful of updates over time:


released 2013.04.02
Initial release as part of AE7.


released 2013.05.03

  • Now supports use of Internet proxy in user's connection.


released 2015.03.23

  • Plus sign in path to Oni should no longer break anything.


released 2017.10.16

  • Better log output.