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How to bind keys

In lieu of a control setting screen in Oni, most players probably edit the key settings manually, however there are GUI solutions like Oni Key Editor and KeyConfig.

When you want to add your own controls to key_config.txt, make sure you do it underneath the "unbindall" command. To reset your bindings to default, delete key_config.txt and launch Oni to get a clean binding config generated.

The bind command is structured the following way:

bind *key* to *action*

So if you would want to bind "kick" to '/' you would type:

bind slash to kick

Bindings that can't be changed are:

  • F8 and Shift+F8 (cycles through available characters when shapeshifter or Dev Mode is enabled)
  • Any other Dev Mode key, like F7, Return, etc.
  • Esc (toggles Main Menu while playing)

To disable a binding without removing it from the file, comment it out with the '#' symbol:

#bind slash to kick

Bindable keys

Below are the names of the keys you can bind actions to. Please note that . and /, End, [ and ], the F-keys, and Return/Enter are hard-bound by Oni to Developer Mode functions. Depending on whether you're in Windows or macOS, certain arrow keys, certain numeric pad keys, and Page Up/Down may be hard-bound to Dev Mode's camera controls, and should also be avoided. To see if the key or button you're trying to bind to is being received by Oni, you can enter chr_debug_characters=1 on the console and watch the keypress event bitset in the display at the upper-right; it should be changing as you press and hold keys.

Key description Syntax
Mouse/joystick/gamepad horizontal/vertical/other axis mousexaxis, mouseyaxis, mousezaxis
Mouse/joystick/gamepad button 1 ... 4 mousebutton1 ... mousebutton4
0 ... 9, A ... Z 0 ... 9 (1), a ... z (lowercase)
F1 ... F12 ... F15 fkey1 ... fkey12 ... fkey15
Up/Down/Left/Right Arrow uparrow, downarrow, leftarrow, rightarrow
Space, Backspace, Tab, Enter space, backspace, tab, enter
Num Pad 0 ... Num Pad 9 (Windows only) numpad0 ... numpad9 (1)
Num Pad * / + - . multiply, divide, add, subtract, decimal
Num Pad Enter, Num Pad = numpadenter, numpadequals
Print Screen, Pause, Insert, Delete printscreen, pause, insert, delete
Page Up/Down, Home, End pageup, pagedown, home, end
Caps Lock, Num Lock, Scroll Lock capslock, numlock, scrolllock
, . ; ' comma, period, semicolon, apostrophe
[ ] / \ rightbracket, leftbracket, slash, backslash
Left/Right Shift leftshift/rightshift
Left/Right Control leftcontrol/rightcontrol
Left/Right Alt leftalt/rightalt
(Mac only) Left/Right Option leftoption/rightoption
(Windows only) Left/Right Windows leftwindows/rightwindows

(1) On Macs, bindings using 0 ... 9 will be bound to both the keyboard's and numeric pad's 0-9 keys in lieu of support for num pad-specific bindings on Mac.

Regular bindable events

Event description Syntax lock_keys group
Horizontal/Vertical Aiming aim_lr/aim_LR, aim_ud/aim_UD cannot be locked
Forward, Backward, Strafe Left/Right forward, backward, stepleft, stepright keys_movement
Turn Left/Right (DOOM-style) turnleft/turnright keys_all
Jump, Crouch, Walk jump, crouch, walk keys_jump, keys_crouch, keys_walk
Draw/Holster Weapon, Pick Up swap keys_inventory
Drop Weapon drop keys_inventory
Reload Weapon reload keys_reload
Weapon Safety (Mac only) weapon_safety keys_all
Punch, Kick, Fire1 ... Fire3 punch, kick, fire1 ... fire3 keys_attack
Use Hypo hypo keys_hypo
Use Console/Door, Talk, Taunt action keys_action
Escape/Resume escape cannot be locked
Pause Screen pausescreen keys_pause
Look Mode lookmode keys_all
Screenshot screenshot cannot be locked
Any Cheat Event (Mac only) cheatcode, e.g. fatloot keys_all


lock_keys is a BSL command used by Oni in the Training level to prevent the player from doing certain actions until he is prompted to. The keys were arranged for this purpose into "lock_keys groups", the names for which are given above. Passing one of those names to lock_keys prevents that kind of input.

fire1, fire2, fire3

  • fire1 fires your gun's primary ammunition when available (if your gun isn't empty), and doubles as punch otherwise.
  • fire2 fires your gun's secondary ammunition when available (only for the Wave Motion Cannon) and doubles as kick otherwise.
  • fire3 fires your gun's tertiary ammunition when available (never) and doubles as crouch otherwise.


While you hold this key, your character walks (or sashays in the case of Konoko :D ) instead of running. Like crouch-running (holding crouch while moving), walking does not make any noise that alerts enemies. You can also hold the crouch and walk keys together for the slowest form of movement, crouch-walking.


  • While you hold this key, the body facing can't be changed with the horizontal aiming input (such as mousexaxis).
  • The facing direction is then "locked" (you can still turn with the turnleft and turnright keys).
  • Your horizontal aiming input then lets you look a full 90 degrees right and left (45 degrees when aiming with some weapons).
  • When you release the lookmode key, your "lookspring" snaps your facing back to 0 degrees (straight ahead). Unless, that is, you've chr_focused to an AI.


  • This stores a screenshot in uncompressed BMP format in Oni's folder, with the generic name screen_shot#####.bmp.
  • The size of the screenshot is normally the resolution specified in Options, but you can set the runtime variable gs_screen_shot_reduce to downsample the bitmap by a factor of 2 to that power.
    Thus, if you play Oni in 640x480, the bitmaps you'll get will be:
    • 640x480 if gs_screen_shot_reduce=0 (default)
    • 320x240 if gs_screen_shot_reduce=1
    • 160x120 if gs_screen_shot_reduce=2....

Developer Mode's bindable events

These events only work when Developer Mode is active. You may not need to bind any of these keys; see Developer Mode for the default key bindings.

Event description Syntax
Open developer console console
Start/Stop/Play Recording start_record, stop_record, play_record
Custom Animation Binding 1 and 2 cutscene1, cutscene2
Detached camera controls man_cam_move_up, man_cam_move_down,
man_cam_move_left, man_cam_move_right,
man_cam_move_forward, man_cam_move_backward,
man_cam_pan_up, man_cam_pan_down,
man_cam_pan_left, man_cam_pan_right

start_record, stop_record, play_record

What it's meant for

This is a development feature Bungie used to author cutscene character animations.

  • When you press the start_record key, Oni stores the authored character's position, body facing and aiming direction, then keeps recording all input events (keyboard and mouse) in a buffer until you press the stop_record key.
  • When you press the play_record key, the initial conditions stored at start_record-time are applied to the authored character, then the event buffer is read from, and the events are applied to your character as if you were providing the recorded input. Your actual input is ignored until the "movie" is done "playing".
  • The buffer has a limited size (quite big, about half an hour of non-stop action). Overflowing it makes Oni crash.
  • The contents of the event buffer is dumped in generic binary files called saved_film###.dat in Oni's folder. Those dumped event buffers can not be read from and applied to custom characters via scripting. However, they are what Bungie developers used for generating the FILM binaries we can call up with chr_playback.

What you can use it for

  • You can use this feature to "teleport" back to a place where you've already been. "Plant" a "teleporter" by pressing start_record then stop_record right afterwards; at any later time, pressing play_record will bring you back to the last "teleporter" you have thus "planted".
  • Expert gamers have used the above "teleporting" technique to perform so-called "film-jumping".

cutscene1, cutscene2

What it's meant for

This is another part of the cutscene authoring process detailed above. First you set up the bindings using the BSL variables sc_bind_f2 and sc_bind_f2, then you start recording a cutscene, then you press cutscene1 or cutscene2 to play back the animation.

  • Here's how the first step would look:
  • Then press F9 to start recording a film.
  • Then press F2 or F3 to play the designated animation.
  • The custom animations' names are stored in the event buffer, so the right animations will appear during playback even if sc_bind_f2 and sc_bind_f3 are changed afterward.

What you can use it for

  • You can use it for playing custom animations in-game (like normally unavailable combat moves), any time you want, as long as you press the start_record key first.

Detached camera controls

See the Developer Mode page for where and how to use these controls.

Missing Mac controls

The camera-panning movements for Mac are automatically bound to the numeric keypad in Oni, but Oni for the Mac lacks the ability to bind keys to the numpad, so these controls will be missing. To fully control the free-flying camera on the Mac, add bindings to key_config.txt for the following four events:

  • man_cam_pan_up
  • man_cam_pan_down
  • man_cam_pan_left
  • man_cam_pan_right

The Mac treats the key bindings "0-9" as both "0-9" and "numpad0-numpad9", so if you bind the above movements as follows, you can use the numeric pad just as Bungie West intended the Mac build to work:

bind 8 to man_cam_pan_up
bind 2 to man_cam_pan_down
bind 6 to man_cam_pan_left
bind 4 to man_cam_pan_right

Intel Mac Oni's bindable events

The Intel Mac build from Feral allows Oni's original cheat codes, and the Intel build's newly-added ones, to be bound to keys, so they can be activated easily in-game without entering the Pause screen.