Daodan DLL/Change log

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released 2013.07.26

  • Prevented invalid resolution choices from showing on Options screen.
  • Fixed showing laser sights outside of Flatline sessions.
  • Version number and current time/date now printed to startup.txt.


released 2013.08.11

  • TXMBs larger than Oni's current resolution no longer appear all-black.


released 2014.03.16

  • Restored BSL command "show_triggervolumes", also toggled by Ctrl-Shift-X.
  • Console output no longer hidden at high resolutions.


released 2014.05.04

  • Daodan now permits Oni to launch without realbink.dll present.
  • Fixed crash caused by altering non-executable memory with security tools installed.
  • Daodan will write available options to daodan_help.txt if Oni is launched with the -help argument.
  • Language selection (localization for English Oni.exe so it can replace a foreign language Oni.exe) is now handled by setting the "language" option in daodan.ini (e.g. "language=it") and providing a corresponding file with the strings for that language (e.g. daodan_locales/it.ini).
  • Better parsing of daodan.ini; options have been re-categorized.


released 2014.07.04

  • Fix for Windows XP compatibility.


released 2014.08.26

  • Fix for Oni's AI; all AIs in a group will now remember to keep pursuing you while you are out of sight.


released 2015.03.23

  • Cheats can now be bound to keys, e.g. "bind m to munitionfrenzy".